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Well hubs stole my lap top this morning for his radio show, so I'm just now getting on line, only to find no AIR today? LOL. I hope and pray it's because it's so beautiful out that you all are out enjoying the weather. It's gorgeous here.

But I'm inside backing up his PC. It's been moody about starting up, and he never backed it up. I got it up and running, so now I'm doing a complete back up before taking it in for diagnosis.

We ran around all day doing errands, which was kind of nice. Perfect day for it. Got the car cleaned, oil changed, bird feed for the feeders refilled, bought a PC back up thingy, and more!

I'm looking into my living room and I see another dead bird on the floor. For the last seven days, they've been bringing me these little gifts. I have no idea where they are finding these poor things, but ewwwwwww...........

Anyway, hope you are having a beautiful weekend.

Judy in MI

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Hi Judy,

Late start for me as well, but no good reason. I hear I missed a beautiful sunrise.

Getting some stuff together to take to my Dad, had a catch up chat with my step-sister. Realized she has asked me to stay mum on another thing she doesn't want Dad to know and I fell for it. Could have been a good moment to discuss transparency with her - so much easier all around.

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Hi Judy and the rest of you guys, Yeah, it's a great day and I had a ton of yard work to catch up on. Seems like it rained for a month. Grass was really tall. ,thought I might have to cut it twice. Plus, the highway finally opened up after the flood water went down., Had to go grocery getting and sightseeing. Some man tried to drive through a flooded road near us. He got swept away along with the car. They just found it submeged way downstream. Unfortunately, he's gone. It was just a feeder stream but it comes out of a 30 mile valley. It turned into a raging river. We had almost 14 inches of rain. Whew, what a deal.

Penn State is playing Alabama right now so I guess I should go watch. I really don't care but well you know, I have to have some sporty knowledge when the subject comes up. I'm still into my Phillies now anyway. Another possible sweep at the Brewers tonight.

I have to call my "buddy" later to see how he fared with his chemo on Friday. I wish he would get himself on here so you all could meet him. A real nice man. I guess there are alot of people that look at all this and never want to dive in. I guess it's not for everyone, OK, I'm outa here, have good and safe weekend you guys. Alan

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Just here for a minute busy day today at least emotionally if nothing else. My youngest brother was born in 1937, He passed away a the age of 37, thrity seven years ago today. Strage how they all came out to be 37 this year. I am getting ready to go to a memorial or I guess I should say celebration of the life of my neighbor that passed away a little over a week ago. Then of coarse we are all remembering 911.

I know there are many others who have memories that are painful and also have those that we all share of 911. Saying many prayers that someday soon we will not have the worry or fear of such brutality and so many dread diseases.

Judy hope your game was a big success and Alan so glad that you are alright and didn't lose anything to the floods. I wish we would hear from KW Judy and Annette. Not a great time to be traveling back that way and well worried about Annette for more than just the weather.

Take care everyone and God Bless. When we remember even with all of our problems it is so easy to see how bless our country is.

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