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Happy Sunday!


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:lol: Hey Everybody! Just wanted to say Good Morning and everyone have a blessed day. I have officially declared this day a "im staying in my pjs all day" Day! I am stillnot driving yet and my friend took me grocery shopping at 7pm last night and then we went and had coffee... that was a bad idea, the coffee part!

In rememberence of 9/11.... I have my flag hanging and I know I will be clued to the t.v. today along with cleaning today.... and many prayers going out... always such a sad day... And they said on our local news that the Port of New Orleans is on high terrorist allert today.. but I think everything is....

Just wanted to say Hi and wish everyone a great Sunday... The weather is BEAUTIFUL HERE! Highs in the 80's instead of heat index of 109... I hope everyone is safe from all flooding and the horrible weather that has been hitting everywhere..

I still havent figured out how to get my profile picture on the right side of the screen... cant blame it on a brain tumor anymore! (Ive got a wacky sense of humor.. just a warning.. and it was like that BEFORE chemo, radiation and brain surgery :lol: )

Take Care!


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Well, I wondered if we had a Sunday AIR, and I think this qualifies. Such a sad day for us all to remember. Our town had a memorial on the side of a ski mountain. There were 3000 some flags, each with the name of a victim and their story on it. It was very somber and quiet there inspite of thousands of cars coming and going and people walking up the mountain.

What inspired me is that I believe these victims are watching from heaven, and millions of us are thinking of them today. I am honored that our town did this, and it was amazing to see it.

Judy in MI

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Hi Kimmie. I see you found the Air, welcome. Hope you are dried out from all of the rain and I am sorry the Saints lost. When they won the Super Bowl I called my kids in Houma and you couldn't hear a word they were saying. People were shooting off fire works honking horns and running down the streets singing and dancing. What a great thing that was after so many years of waiting :!:

Last year it was my turn here. Like all of you in Louisiana have followed the Saints I have followed the San Francisco Giants Baseball team sense they move here from New York. After 52 years of watching and waiting they won the World Series and what a victory that was. They are not doing that great this year but todays game was a great win. The ceremony commerating 911 was awesome. A policeman from San Fran sang the The National Anthem and later during the 7th inning he sang God Bless America. The jets from nearby air bases did a fly over and everyone in the stadium had flag posters. Beautiful sight to see.

Looks like we may get a little rain. Unlike Texas we are not desperate for it but it has been quite a while now sense our last rain. We just know that is what to expect in the Summer Months. Just hope there is no dry lightening to start fires. This evening felt so good I am hoping it is a preview of Fall that is not too far away.

Judy 911 ceremonies sound beautiful. I can not watch without crying. In fact every time our National Anthem plays or God Bless America I get a catch in my throat and tears in my eyes. Our country may have a lot wrong with it and many of us may not agree on how to fix it but we are still the best country in the world. I just pray that in time that will mean more than all of the disagreements and politics.

I hope everyone has had a nice weekend and am sure that like myself many of you are praying that we will never have to see another day like that terrible day 10 years ago. God Bless and Good Night everyone.

Oh Kimmie you never did say where you live. Are you in NO or one of the smaller towns around there? I lived there for 32 years so I know where most of them are.

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