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Tuesday's Air


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I'll start! First want to be thankful for a beautiful morning. The sun shines brightly, and it's about 72 out. It's still hard to accept that the trees are changing color, and are a harbringer of fall, but it's a fact, and I might as well enjoy the beauty. For some reason, it seems so early this year. But not. They peak here, usually by my hubby's bday which is Oct. 12, so it's right on schedule.

I love sweatshirt weather. I love barefoot bluejean days. Today will be one of those :-)

Today is pay property tax day. Hate that. Good news is that with the horrid economy, they have undervalued our home in a big way which affects taxes.

So, does anyone have new shows they are looking forward to with the Fall line-up? I used to be a Dancing with Stars freak, but with the crappy line up they have this year, I'm done. Going to look for something else to obsess about. LOL. That new show "Unforgettable" about the female cop that has an incredible memory sounds interesting. I've read about these people that can't forget any detail, and it's always fascinated me.

Last Man Standing with Tim Allen will probably be good. He always made me laugh in his last show as the "tool man". "Up All Night" appeals to me, only because I love Christina Applegate, and Maya Rudolph).

For sure NOTS: Two and a Half Men (it's getting downright disgusting). "Revenge". The title alone creeps me out. "The Playboy Club".....all I can say is WHY? Another why is "Pan Am". Again, why? Both are about the exploitation of women, and when would that be entertaining?

Ok, enough of my opinions. LOL. There's bound to others that totally disagree with me. And that's okay!

Have a good day.

Judy in MI

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Okay - I guess I'll pipe in for a short one.

I can't wait until Castle comes back on. I agree with the line-up on Dancing With The Stars - but they surprised me last year with how well they did. And they announced the new Bachelor last night. I'm sure there are others I've left out - I haven't been watching much television lately.

Hope everyone is doing well - I'm still not my happy self - but I'm surviving one day at a time.

Take care,


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OK, reality show geek is checking in. I agree with Annette, I am almost always underwhemed with the DWTS group, but I think it is because I really don't know them, but end up having favorites.

Amazing Race - I love it. Good Wife - my fav. Pan Am is getting good reviews, will at least check it out. Survivor, of course. HGTV Design Star just finished, boo hoo. And Top Chef doesn't start for awhile.

My DVR has been programmed. I wake up about 4:30 and watch the shows that I couldn't stay up to watch the night before.

We have had so many problems here with flooding from all the rain. The young gal I work with is now out trying to find a new apartment and her car was totalled in the flood. Another friend lives in a condo community and 12 of the condos were destroyed. And that is just some of them.

Have seen a bunch of good movies lately, The Help, Sarah's Key and The Debt. I would recommend all of them.

Happy about Annette's good news.

Judy, I love fall - reminds me of a new purse for school and hockey practice. Hate that it comes before winter.

Alan, go Eagles and Phillies.

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Evening All! Was in a free 30-min at an RV in NC. Finished my post and was kicked off in "Submit." Of course, I forgot to copy it lol.

Let's see, Annette, definitely yes to Castle. Ginny, love Good Wife. Judy, will probably check into DWTS part-way into the season. That's what we did last year lol.

Will also tune into Brothers and Sisters, and any new NCIS and Bones.

The shore weekend was great. Got a load of belly laughs in. Can you imagine, 14 women in one house!

We are on our way to Port St Lucie. Will spend a few days with Wendy and Dominick then on home Sept 19. Can't wait. I am really homesick this year. Am also looking forward to being a "regular" on here again.

Have a great night all.

Judy in Enfield NC

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