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Saturday's Air

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

End of another busy week,not much to report,full week of gyming and swimming Mon,Wed and Thurs,and Yoga and swimming Tues and Fri,thats 4 hours daily keeping fit,still waiting for the first signs of my six pack though.

Indoor bowling on Tues and Thurs,what can I say?,we were beaten on both occassions,so thats three games in the new season,three times we have been beat,are we downhearted? of course not,we are still having fun.

I have lots of things happening over the next few weeks,meeting Alan again at the Roy Castle office in Glasgow on Wed,my friend Bunty in facebook has organised a Quiz night in October,proceeds to Lung Cancer/Roy Castle.org its being held up in Carrbridge,its a beautiful spot right in the heart of the Scottish Highlands,its where some of the best malt whiskys are made,there are many beautiful distillaries to visit,so I have booked myself into the Cairn Hotel where the quiz is being held,now where did I put my Encyclopeadia Brittainicca's-got to swot up you know.The Lee Morgan Band are my facebook friends now,so I am off to one of their gigs, also in October.Finally a black tie dinner in the Oran Mor,hosted by the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.org again in October,does anyone want some tickets?

A week on Monday,I will be travelling to Edinburgh to attend the first meeting of the appointed Lung Cancer Committe set up by SIGN to re-write The Lung Cancer Patient Guidelines,I am invited to attend as a lung cancer survivor,the committee is made up of some of Scotlands top Lung Cancer oncologists and other health professionals.The rewrite is expected to one year.Its a real priviledge for me,and I hope I can make a positive contribution.

I dont know if the story of the Welsh miners was reported in the USA yesterday,there were four of them trapped, after the pit they were working in became flooded with water,I watched the news reports periodically all day,hopes were high that the rescue services would be able to bring them out alive,first one recovered sadly was dead,but the rescue mission continued,hopes still there of finding the others alive,but as the day continued the other three miners were discovered to-gether, but also dead.Everyone here in the UK,left absolutely gutted.

Got to go,sorry to end on a bum note,hope everyone is having a great weekend.Bye.

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Hi there,

Eric, that is so sad about the miners. I'm so sorry. But egads are you busy!

The Help on the Hill event was fantastic. They talked about the latest and greatest in cancer research. They talked about a new treatment for those with NSCLC with mets, with little or no history of smoking. They test for the ALK protein, and if you have it, you get to take this new drug that is 57% effective in erradicating all tumors. So interesting.

I learned that the reason they use mice in lab tests is that the systems of mice are 99% like humans. So they can make tumors happen, and test drugs and treatments on them to then use on us! It was fascinating. Thank you mices!

It was such an informative time, both days. So glad I went.

Now I'm home. Passed hubs on the way home. He is on the way to his home town for a Pheasants Forever banquet. Get this! He went to the Ducks Unlimited banquet Thursday night and won a very small handgun for me. I told him to sell it! I want nothing to do with guns. I don't care if he does, or others do, but not me. I don't want to know how to shoot them, and don't want access to them. They scare me.

Anyway, it's a beautiful 68 degrees here, with sunshine making this Michigander squint like a mole out of his hole. LOL. So nice. There's an outdoor Fall Festival tomorrow that we go to every year. It's supposed to be 70 and sunny. Perfect. I'm looking forward to that.

Well, hello lurkers, and future posters! Have a good rest of the weekend.

Judy in MI

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Another gray day, but decided to get out of the house for a bit. We ran some errands, including buying more spring bulbs, and some good running shoes for M. Stopped at a fish and chips shop but I have little appetite right now, so I have dinner too. Just a little counter, a few options, and they serve the food in a paper boat lined with old newspaper - like a proper chip joint. But the funny thing is the paper they use is an alternative weekly, so sometimes the print is a bit strange.

I'm reading The Emperor of all Maladies, a Biography of Cancer. It's really well written - lots of historical detail, but a page turner anyway. Just getting into the last 50 years when things started changing. Seems like a short time, but then again, not so short when you consider what else has happened in that amount of time, or less.

I hadn't heard about the miners - but then, the historic airplane crash in Reno kind of took over the headline yesterday. Hoping my stepfamily wasn't at the show. 9 dead, 50+ injured?

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Morning All! Missed yesterday. Dominick stayed overnight Friday so he and PopPop could go for an early breakfast at Denny's. It's their thing. He stayed home last night but Stan still drove across town and back to get him for breakfast. Denny's is a stone's throw from where we live.

Toss in my regrets for the lost miners and the lives lost at the air show. So much tradgedy.

Stephanie, good you got out but everything in moderation I say. I've been up and out everday since I've been here lol. Waiting to see if I burrow in again after I get home and do chemo this Thursday.

I envy Judy and Eric their opportunities to hear about all the new stuff that is hopefully going to help us still fighting active cancer out.

Don't really have anything to report. Car seat is fixed. It cost a bundle. Dominick came back here with Stan after breakfast and I drug him off the computer to check in. Wendy will come over later and we'll take Dom to music lessons. Then back here for steak dinner courtesy of Stan. Tomorrow off for home. Much as I love visiting Wendy and Dom, I am really really ready to go home.

Have a great day.

Judy in PSL

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