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Monday's Air


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Morning All! Last leg of the trip. Stan's loading the coach and we'll be off to Key West. He's exhausted, admitted everything he does today is an effort. Don't think he'll be home long either. He probably will have to be off to finish a job in Alabama so the guy who works with him goes off to do two more jobs. It's feast or famine in his business.

Dominick called us when he got home last night and said he misses us already. He said good-night and I love you. First time he's called us when he got home. It warmed our heart but makes us sad to leave him.

One of the first things I do when I get home is go on Dr Oz's website to print his 5 steps to reduce belly fat. Anyone over 60 probably knows it's worth a try.

Have a great day everyone. I'll be riding and riding and riding again--but this time the goal is home.

Judy in PSL

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Good morning everyone. Judy KW I know that you must be very tired. Those long trips really can wear a person even when you have no health issues. I have a few small problems and trips to take a toll. When I am gone for a long time it takes me seveal days to get back in the groove. It just seems like I don't know what to do first so I don't do anything :!:

I have just about decided that belly fat has moved in to stay. I have not only belly fat but all of his other fat relations you know like butt fat and arm fat and of coarse the always present too fat :lol: We have gotten back into our fitness twice a week and play a game or two sometimes in the evening that keeps us moving. Having neighbors to interact with in that way does help some. Other than that I take it as it comes. Some days I walk outside some days I go walk in the stores and still others I will put the music on and move to it for a while. Time just passes so fast that I always have something else that I want to spend that time on.

Judy MI. I am so sorry for your sadness and the loss of a friend. Never feel guilty because you are surviving. I read evey day of the things you do to support others and I really believe you are here for that purpose. You are filling one of God's special jobs. He needs you here with your knowledge, determination and compassion. Someone who had not had your experiences could never do the job that you do. So be proud of what you are doing and never feel guilty for being alive. Someday just what you do may lead to others being able to live cancer free or in remission. It is amazing what love and hope can do.

Enough of my thoughts. I am hoping for a great day for everyone. I am off to sit outside for a while then go out to the farm and see if they have any fresh prunes and peaches.

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Good morning. Lily, I hear you. I know I should not feel guilty, but sometimes it makes me pause when I see the four others come in, on oxygen, losing so much weight, hair, etc., and they have been battling this for 3 years! I hate lung cancer.

His wife posted this morning that it will be at anytime. His vital signs are slowing down. I pray for a peaceful passing for this young man.

It is very gloomy and rainy today! I don't know why, but I enjoy a good rainy day. I think it somehow gives me the excuse to stay inside and get inside work done. So some housework will definitely be on my agenda today.

Or I could just plop on the couch and read! Nah, I better not. The house is definitely looking neglected.

I so miss some of our regulars here! But I love seeing irregulars here! LOL. That sounded strange. :-)

Have a good day!

Judy in MI

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Good morning Friends!!!

KW Judy, I hope you and Stan aren't hitting this rain on your way home. It's been pouring the rain for over an hour now and I heard on the radio a few minutes ago that there's rain in many areas of Florida. I hate driving (or being a passenger) when it's raining hard. I become a nervous wreck and am tense until the car or the rain stops....whichever comes first. I know you'll be glad to get home. I used to love traveling and I just never could understand the people that were older and wanted to stay home to sleep "in their own bed." Now, I'm one of those people. I loved the time I spent in Minneapolis a couple of weeks ago but after about three days, i was more than ready to get home.

It was sweet that Dominick gave you a phone call. Aren't grandchildren the absolute best things in the world??? I'm getting very excited about baby number 3 entering the world in a couple of weeks. Both Ella (4) and Jude (3) are very excited about the new baby. I know Ella will be fine, since she was only 14 months old when her brother was born. She has always been a "big sister" and another little one will be a piece of cake for her. But...our Jude has always been "the baby" and he's quite the mama's boy. I'm not completely sure how he's going to adapt to all the changes that a new baby will bring. So, this may be interesting!!! I think this will be a great opportunity for Nana to spend a lot of time and shower Ella and Jude with tons of attention!!!

I have to hop off here and read all about Dr. Oz and his ideas for burning belly fat. I can only hope that he has some good ideas. I know how to lose weight, it's just getting my head in the right place and convincing myself that I'm ready to do it. But, until I get myself talked into dieting, getting rid of belly fat would be great! Aren't those really ugly sounding words??? Belly fat??? Sounds completely disgusting. Maybe if I keep saying those words, I won't have an appetite for lunch...LOL!


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Kind of funny - M picked up a copy of the Dr. Oz book the other day (at the infusion center), not because he is interested in the content (the man is already running 5K 5 days a week plus working out at the gym, and does not eat sweets!) but because the illustrator is an old friend of his. I did not remember this from his visit with us a few years ago.

Beautiful morning - blue sky, but did wake to the sound of the heater running. Woke yesterday feeling really crummy - missed a friend's singing performance and the bi-monthly meeting of the clan - pizza, ice cream, and pinball this time. Feel much better today - hope it lasts!

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I just had to pipe in on the belly fat issue - although I have a way to go - I have unhealthly lost 13 pounds in the last 2 weeks - no it is not cancer related just pure depression - nothing tastes good but I am forcing myself to eat once a day. Decided that I would take advantage of it and so I started trying to exercise (don't kick me off for saying that bad word). Lifting to little weights - someone told me once that you needed to make sure if you lost weight to work on the arm flab. At work I pace - a lot - and then I try and do just some little exercises to work on my back at home in the evening - even though I'd rather curl up in bed.

I'm trying to pull myself up by the bootstraps - there is the problem I'm not wearing boots!!!

Hope everyone has a great Monday - I will try and be more myself and check in more often.


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