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My mom was just diagnosed with SCLC on 9/1


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Hi everyone. I am new here. My mom was just diagnosed with SCLC on 9/1 after having a brain tumor the size of a ping-pong ball removed. She just had her first PET scan done and we are waiting on the results now.

PCP says her presentation is a bit unusual because she only has 2 small spots, less than 2 mm, in the lungs on her pre-op CT scans with nothing else showing up in the chest, abdomen or pelvis. I am worried about it having spread to the bone though since my mom has been experiencing pain in the legs.

She is a real trooper. She has bounced back from the surgery and has not had any negative side-effects during the last two weeks of WBR. Oncologist says she will start chemo in October.

She has been a whirling dervish of activity around the house. She is an antiques collector (picture 3000 sq ft antique mall in an 800 sq ft house-hoarder-esque). She is worried she will die and leave me to deal with all of her stuff (she was worried about this before her dx already... the dx just put it into overdrive) so she has been going through all the stuff planning on having yard sales and our doing a series of antiques shows to sell alot of it off. One might think that would be depressing but it isn't. We are having alot of fun going through the stuff and I get to "shop at mom's". Plus, I have been bugging her for years to help me write down information to identify which of her multitude of antiques were "family pieces" and she is finally doing it.

I worry about helping her fight this as she gets ready to start chemo next month. I live 2 and 1/2 hours away and have a demanding job. My dad is with her but he is disabled, has many health problems of his own and can't drive. My mom is the one that has always taken care of him. My mom is a fighter though and reading some of the success stories on here has helped.

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Sarah - I'm glad you found this place - believe me it helps. As I read your story I understand how hard it can be with work and other pressures when your mom is facing this fight. Be happy to work with her through the house - just be doing that you are helping her, especially if it turns into fun - she can see that in your eyes.

I had another thought about her being the one to drive. I am not sure where you are or what cancer treatment facility that she is going to but check out volunteers. I know the have them here in Richmond and an ex-boss volunteers in Chesapeake but they drive patients to and from therapy. It is a little hard to believe that people are willing to do that - but most just want to give back after having been a caregiver or survivor in many cases themselves.

I hope therapy treats your mom (and you and your dad) well. There are many good stories among the people here - and I'm sure someone with more knowledge that I will be here to help you with any questions you may have.

Take care,


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Hi Sarah!

Sorry for the late welcome. I was dx'd with SCLC on 4/28/08 and I'm still here! The stats on SCLC are very scary and are out of date. Survival rates have increased so don't let the old info on the internet scare you. Sounds like Mom is doing great and it is very good to keep busy, at least it kept me from thinking to much!


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Welcome Sarah. I just said something similiar to what Dana said in a post to another newcomer whose Mom has SCLC. I'm not in touch with the statistics but know I'm seeing more and more survivors here and at cancer treatment centers.

Wishing your Mom the best. Her energy will put her in a good position for this battle.

Judy in KW

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Hi Sarah,

We are going through a similar experience with my mom... she goes in for chemo tomorrow and will supplement with some avemar and maitake extract.

I wish you and your family the very best of luck from the bottom of my heart, and please keep us updated.

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