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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! My house is a mess and I have a 9 am apptmt with the onc here in KW. Chemo on Thur. We tried to unload a lot more than usual last night. I was beat when I finally quit. Stan has so much to do when we arrive: unload the car, hook the trailer to the Excursion and move it, move the motorcycle out of the garage before backing the RV up to the door. Last night add opening all the storm shutters and bringing in loads as well. Whew! He's walking now. Don't know how the man stays portly.

My weight is the same on my BR scale today as the day I left. I'd like to throw the WW scale in the coach out the window. It always weighs me 2 to 3 lbs heavier. Well, I'll get to check it out on the doctor's scale today.

How did we get on this weight thing again. Oh that's right it was me talking about belly fat lol. Annette, I always lost weight with stress when I was younger too. Now with lung cancer you'd think that would qualify. Guess things change when you get older. Hey, don't look now but your sense of humor broke through. Good deal.

Ann, we had some showers while we were trying to load the car and leave PSL. Missed it the rest of the way home. I also HATE driving in rain. Have pulled off the road in Miami more than once when it was raining so hard I couldn't see.

Judy, sorry about the sadness surrounding Gilda club group right now. Hope your member passes gently. That's what we all hope for for ourselves, no matter what causes our passing.

Stephanie, that's cool. Don't think I'll buy the book though if I can get the diet online. I'll see. Got some book recommendations again this year in NJ. The same friends that recommended The Help and Sarah's Key so I have great hopes. I'm still struggling through Cutting For Stone. Let Amazon pick that for me.

Off to get ready for the apptmt now so have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW AT LAST

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Judy, so glad to hear that you made it home without having to drive through rain. Funny you mentioned pulling over to the side of the road in Miami during heavy rains. When I lived in North Miami, I sometimes felt that I spend more afternoons sitting by the road, waiting for the rain to let up a little, than I did driving. The rain in Miami can come about so fast and furious that there is no way you can see clearly to drive safely. I got tired just listening to all the maneuvering that poor Stan had to do when you got home. I hate getting home and unpacking. I was really good about it when I got home from Minneapolis. I had things tucked in every available corner of the suitcases and I wanted to share everything with my hubby, as he hadn't made the trip. So, everything was unpacked and put away within an hour of my being home.

OMG...there were those "ugly" words again today...."belly fat." I think I'm gulity of having the problem and that's why the words bother me...lol!!!

Did anyone watch Two and a Half Men last night? If you watched, what did you think of the new episode? I have been a big fan of this show for years and I will admit that I loved bad boy Charlie Sheen in the role of Charlie Harper. I wasn't crazy about last night's episode but, I sometimes have a hard time adapting to change. I will give it another couple of episodes to turn me around. I set the DVR for Dancing with the Stars and will watch that tonight.

I had such a hard time falling asleep last night!!! I feel so tired and sleepy today. I think I could put my head on my desk and be out like a light in a couple of minutes. So...I am looking forward to 5:00 today, so I can go home and take a brief nap before beginning working on my Auxiliary projects.

OH...one more question. I have to bake for an Auxiliary bake sale on Saturday. If you were shopping at a bake sale, what goodies would you definitely buy???


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I just inhaled a slice of coffee cake - made from a vanilla cupcake base with fresh huckleberries mixed in and a crumb topping. One of our local cupcake chops decided to try this out - and it was very good. I am a big fan of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies too.

Judy in KW-welcome home.

Another blue sky, early fall day here.

Might have to take a run to my Dad's - his watch battery needs replacement and "a week is a long time" to wait for it. He has two clocks in his room - and nowhere to go. What's he looking at the time for do you suppose?

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Missed 2 and a half men! watched Hells Kitchen and Comedy roast of Charlie Sheen!! Still can not stop laughing!!! Got to watch language if you catch it though!!!

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Of course you have to watch the language for the roast for Sheen. The guy reeks nastiness. Sorry, just my personal opinion.

Now you've got me thinking about belly fat girls! I have lost 15 pounds by eating like my diabetic husband, but that stuff below the belly button? How'd that get there? I think age 50 is the key, when it just shows up and won't go away! LOL.

Ann, my absolute favorite which I can not resist is chocolate brownies topped with a thick layer of chocolate frosting! Yum!

I watched Dancing with Stars, even though I'm not crazy about the line up of stars. I forget how much fun I have listening to the judges. They are a hoot. So I guess I'm hooked for another year.

Judy thanks for the thoughts. My friend did die this morning. It's going to be another tough Thursday at Gilda's Club.

Well, I just got home from a speaking engagement for Gilda's, and am heading there at 4:00 to help out. They have a couple staff members quit and are desperate for volunteers to help out. R promised home made pot pie when I got home. Let me amend that. I made the guts for the pie last night, was going to put it on pasta and bake it for dinner. Pasta in closet was not good, so it's going into a pie crust for tonight's dinner!

Have a goodun!

Judy in MI

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Kind of liked 2-1/2. Thought the idea that Rose did him in was pretty original. There are too many shows to DVR - can only do 2 in same time slot and it drives me crazy that some shows to to 10:01, just to mess you up. Never really used on demand too much, but checking it out now.

Went to my friend Jeanne's gathering on Saturday. Have never been to a 'gathering' before and did not like it. Her family was there, many pictures of her were there BUT no music, no one spoke, no coffee, no cookies only loads of chairs. My friends and I thought it was weird and cold. Any of you ever been to a 'gathering'?

I am putting out a call for some free wood to finish building my ark. Katie, I know you guys need rain but we are getting too much and it is interfering with my golf. I know, I could have worse problems.

Missing Annette. Hope she gets it together soon. Judy MI, I give you a lot of credit for all the work you do at Gilda's. Must be tough emotionally. Judy FL, you are like the energizer bunny with all your trips and company. I get tired just reading about them.

Have lost 18 lbs. myself, want to lose 8 more. It started when I had to prep for the dreaded colon....... and lost 5 lbs during the prep. So I decided I was going to put on my big girl discipline pants and really watch what I eat (although not what wine I drink). There is discipline and there is ridiculous. Also, got my hair cut much shorter and now have veneers on my front teeth. I am a new (but old) woman. Now does anyone have a good wrinkle cream?

Back to work.

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Wow!!! I love all the "fresh air" coming from here today!!! Lots of interesting conversations going on, as always.

Judy in MI, so sorry to hear about your friend. I know so many people here that are now battling cancer and it looks as if cancer is winning, although we all know that it can never really win because there are people like us that hate it and will not rest until a cure is found. Over the years, I have come to the reality that there's a time, when you know things aren't going well, that you welcome a swift end and thank God for one day less of pain and suffering. When Dennis was so very sick, there were many mornings that I would "bargain" with God and ask him to take Dennis then, on my time and terms, so that he wouldn't have to suffer. I guess God had a plan and part of that plan was to make me stronger and able to cope with more difficult situations in life. It took me many years to find any one positive thing out of losing Dennis and so far, that's about all I've been able to come up with.

GinnyD...so glad to "see" you and read more of your words. You're always so witty and it's always fun to read what you have written. As a matter of fact, I was at a "gathering" last week and I didn't care for it either. I guess I'm just a wee it old fashioned and I feel that something should be said about the deceased. It doesn't have to be a "funeral" per say, but I do think it's nice if someone says a few words.


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Ginny, I've never been to a "gathering" but it just sounds plain weird. Do people just sit in silence? So strange. When I go, I will be cremated, with lots of pictures of when I was young and beautiful LOL, and of course a book that people can sign and tell all of their wonderful memories of me. LOL again. Laughing at myself.

Ann, I do understand the "good" that you got from Dennis. I feel the same about my Mom. It was tough, rough and horrid, but I did learn some important lessons through out it, and would like to think I'm a more compassionate and kind person as a result.

Ginny, I almost didn't get the "Ark" joke, but I did. You can't call me a dummy. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

Judy in MI

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