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Thursday's Air


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Morning All! Just did a post and lost it in a heartbeat. So sad.

Am at the hospital killing time. Had a great time reading Tuesday's and Wednesday's Airs. I posted but didn't have time to get back and read and it was great hearing what you are all about in your life.

They give me a big bag of fluids at the hospital here in KW. MDA nor the NJ hospital do with taxotere. End result is after labs and fluids and premeds and chemo, a two-hr infusions turns into all day. Got labs done, results and am still waiting for the chemo. Started at the Onc's office picking up paperwork at 8:45. Will be a long day. Weird, they put you in a bed in a regular room but lunch on a tray is nice lol.

Stan chauffered me around and brought in my bag so I could have this computer that weighs a ton. He offered to stay to help me pass the time. He's a jewel but I try not to take advantage. I told him no. He has a company trip to make next week and has stuff to do. Hope I have a lighter computer soon. I'm used to bringing myself in.

Got to go. The nurse has my chemo and we are not communicating well at all. Have a great day everyone.

I'll be back later. I still have some time on my battery.

Judy in KW

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Good morning friends!

That is kind of weird Judy that they put you in a regular room for your chemo. I had to have a lot of liquids with mine too, there was a prep bag of sterioids and anti-allergy meds, and then the chemo. It took 8 hours to administer.

Well, I had a delightful conversation with Annette last night. We exchanged numbers in the past, but never called each other. R was at the funeral home, and I was watching stupid tv, and just decided to chat rather than watch tv. It was much better than the show that was on.


We are getting into the autumn pattern now. Leaves are getting color, and nights are brisk. I think I'll look into a weekend trip up North with R.

Got some amazing news yesterday! A good friend of mine is 36. She and her husband have always wanted to have a child, but the docs told her she is unable to conceive. After extensive efforts to do so, they decided to become Foster Parents. Their first family of children were five kids! They had them for about 6 months, and then they were returned to their birth mother. Unbelievable but a month has passed since the children left, and she is pregnant!!!!!!! :!: It is so exciting for all of us!

Today is Gilda Thursday. I don't want to go to group, but I will. There will be lots of tears and sadness .

But I'm going to try to have a fabulous day today aside from that!

You too.

Judy in MI

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Judy in KW - back in my cisplat days, those long days, all the rooms were private (and kind of pretty/fancy) but chairs, not beds. My current facility has two rooms that each sit 4 patients. If they are full, or if you are going to be there all day, they have rooms with two beds each. I got to use one as a private room on a busy day, even though I was there for just a few hours - and I got a full hot lunch!

Judy in MI - perhaps pick up some cookies for group? I brought early halloween treats last week to relieve some of the stress. Worked for me at least. And congrats to your friend - funny how that happens.

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Steph, that is a great idea. But now I'm not going in at all. As I got cleaned up this morning, my stomach (to put it delicately as possible) rejected it's contents several times. :(

Gilda's always asks that if you are sick, do not come since so many are there in the battle, and can't be exposed to illness. So hello couch, and stupid tv.

Judy in MI

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Hi all. Judy a weekend up North viewing the changing fo the trees' colors sounds perfect. Not for me though, I want to stop moving from place to place right now. Great news for your friends. I've heard such stories after adoptions but not after foster care. It is so cool.

Stephanie, I just don't do well being forced to stay still so long. It doesn't help that it would be so much quicker (has been) at other facilities. I just realized I started an hour earlier though so I should get out between 2 & 3 instead of 3 & 4.

I hope Ann stops by. I forgot to respond to her question about the bake sale. I'll refer back to Stephanie's. The fruit coiuld be anything. I would buy anything with fruit and crumb topping. Hate to make the crumb topping but love to eat it.

So glad Annette was up to a good chat. I do think we've seen that famous sense of humor peeping through.

Stan just came in so have a good day.

Judy in KW


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Afternoon everyone -

Yes - it was absolutely great to talk to Judy (MI) - took my troubles away for a little while. My administrative assistant tried to interest me in bringing in dishes for lunch tomorrow and I almost bought it - but I've been eating so little I am a little worried about having the same problem as Judy at work. I actually meant to bring a piece of fruit in but was running late - can't get away from home in the morning until I check my FB games.

Judy (KW) - When I take work home with me I now bring a luggage cart to put things on - so much easier and even the light laptops can get heavy walking any distance. I even used it the other night to carry in groceries. I just saved a box and put it on the bottom and stacked things up - one trip instead of several. My mom caught me just as I got home yesterday and I had to use it for her groceries too...hmm...maybe a good Christmas present idea - not that I'm of a mind to celebrate this year.

My mind is gel of late so I can't even remember who posted today and I just read it. I know I forgot to say something about the expecting couple - that is just so fantastic - being rewarded for working with foster care. At least there is some good things happening!

I have been doing research on the internet all day and my eyes are mush too. And to think I will race home after work - set up my laptop and play games all evening. (Well I am going to watch the show I DVR'd last night - Revenge - really looking forward to watching that!)

Anyway - hope everyone is doing well today - I better get myself back to work for now,


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Good Evening Everyone,

Since I have come home from the USA,I just have'nt settled properly into a routine where I can cover all the things I want to do.Well must try harder,to find more time to share with you.One good thing is with being retired I have become effective in cutting off Sally's supplyline-ie no money.Downside,now she is on planet earth fulltime,she resents my absence now in getting out and about and when I am online,she wants my company now.

Well I am still gyming,swimming and doing yoga,still no signs of my six pack yet,I dont even think I have lost a single pound in weight either,what I seem not to be short on,is lots of little aches and pains from todays exercises-Hey Bud,does one eventually overcome this phenominum?.

I spent yesterday pm with the Roy Castle volunteer co-ordinator also sharing lunch with him,Alan and I just seemed to jave clicked,he has lots of ideas in how to raise awareness of Lung Cancer and engaging with Scotlands LC survivors,he was also talking about visits to large businesses,to give talks on lung cancer,he has asked me if I would be willing to come along and be a survivor speaker,no prizes for guessing my answer.

The Roy Castle offices are in Douglas St in Glasgow,which is being currently used to represent one of the streets in San Fransisco in a Hollywood film starring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry,no I have'nt been lucky to see either yet,but Hally is regularly in our media here,showing in her action scenes running about the streets in Glasgow.The film company have brought over here with them lots of classic vintage American cars,think the film is set in some earlier period of time?.Anyway,would you believe some overzealous traffic warden has slapped a parking ticket on one of these cars,well what a Stooshie that has caused with all the public in Glasgow,our love of American filmakers filming in Glasgow is matched by our dis-like of traffic wardens,so its letters by the score of complaint to the district council from Glaswegians,so much so that the council have made a public apology and that the traffic warden had made a mistake since that area of Glasgow was a designated film set,which means no parking restrictions for the film makers,hooray.Wonder if my car would also be exempt if I park there?,well it would be handy visiting Alan.

Well everyone has been busy posting in this week,I noticed Ronnie is in Ghana,working in some mine project,wonder what he is doing there?,here he could be digging for gold?,think Ghana was also known as the gold coast,Hey Ronnie pass some onto me please,anyone noticed the price of gold recently-whew.Judy KW,glad to see your are home,well kinda,see you are back in hospital,having some more tests and treatments,wishing you well and home properly soon.Annette,noticed you have made a return,I have been thinking about you every day,its good to see you back and being able to share a smile with us,well done you "Nil Illegitimae Carborundum".Now watch that weight-please.

Sorry guys got to go,the new Billy Connelly series is about to start,he is travelling along Route 66,I watched it last week,he was in Chicago,he brought back many sites and memories of my visit,catch you all later.Ooops forgot to type this in Word again,hope this posts OK.bye.

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Well, you posted without mishap Eric. Good to see you back. By the way, didn't they tell you at the gym that you have to diet with the exercise in order to lose weight lol. Stan's been walking two miles a day for years and hasn't lost a pound.

Annette, I have one of those draggy things. The smaller one for the computer may be at Wendy's. I can't remember.

Judy, hope your tummy feels better soon.

Does anyone recommend an antivirus. I need to renew my McAfee but when I just went on to do it, the discounted price is $20 more than it was--now $69.99 for 1 yr, will be $79.99 tomorrow. I hate McAfee anyway but it came with my computer.

Judy in KW

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