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Monday's Air


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Well, I'll start, but if someone else does at the same time, please have a moderator merge the two. It is a chilly, very windy and cloudy day here. The leaves are changing so fast it's just amazing.

Not much going on right now. Today is errand day. Lots of running around to get stuff picked up, shopped, etc. And pay bills. Love that! LOL

This time of year, the birds are wacky. It's only the little finches that do it. They fly into the windows a lot. They only do this in the Spring and Fall. Strange. But when they fall to the ground, my Olive will run out there and bring me "presents". I've got the hunting dog trained now. I point to the dead bird and say firmly "Gibson: outside now". He immediately picks it up and takes it out the dog door. I love that!

Have a good day all!

Judy in MI

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Good Evening Everyone,

Beautiful sunny blue skies today,apparently over the next couple of days the UK is going to be unseasonably warm due to winds coming up to us through France,so its sun tan lotion for me and shorts for a relax out back,that is after my yoga and swim tomorrow,mind you I cannot remember if they said it would remain dry and sunny to boot?.

At Edinburgh today,the SIGN committee will comprise of approx 20 persons,though there were some absentees,with apologies some without?.Each member gave a short introduction,so I am in the company of oncologists,surgeons, a pharmicist and a psycologist plus a couple of others who are acting as reporters.

I was a bit concerned about my role in supporting the committee as a laymen with regard to medical background,however in one of the mornings presentations about the lung cancer survivors input,has left me feeling more confident in having an active and worthwhile role to play.

The committee are being asked to identify 15-30 questions relating to lung cancer,in the areas of diagnosis and types of treatments they wish researchers to explore for evidence of new research data that may impinge of their report.Everything the committee put into the report must be substantiated by solid data,no gut feelings allowed.Now where will I find a medical dictionary,I was so out of depth during this period,although most interesting to listen to,how about terms like Stereotatic,Radical and Intensively modulated radiotherapy?or prophylatic cranial irradiation,the list goes on,what fun,looking forward to the next meeting in early November.There will be opertunities for me to contribute in the future,although I was asked for my opinion what areas the report should include,so I replied,screening,targeted therapies,clinical trials,and training of health professionals in interpersonal skills(reference to my experience of receiving unsolicited remarks about my 2 years left lifespan).

Hi JudyMI,re-birds flying into your windows,I had this problem as well with my porch ,that is until I bought some beautiful butterfly translucent plastic transfers I stuck onto the glass panels randomly (a challenge to your artistic abilities) and guess what, no more kamikase? birds. Bye all.

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Wow...it's very quiet here today. I guess I'm not the only one having "just another manic Monday." I had a busy weekend but it really zoomed by way too fast. If I had a sledge hammer in my hand this morning, I think my alarm clock would be history. I didn't want to (or felt like) getting up this morning. I tossed and turned all night, thanks to a severe pain in my left leg. Like an idiot, I was sitting on a bar stool at my kitchen counter, playing word games on FB, with my left leg crossed under my body. I have no idea how long I had been in that position but when I tried to stand up, the pain was terrible. It took me about 10 minutes before I could walk. I was so angry with myself and kept thinking I was going to be in the ER because of my stupidity. But, I finally tried to walk the pain out as much as possible, take Aleve and head off to bed. I was aware of the pain most of the night but I did manage to get some sound sleep after 3:00 am. I have to keep reminding myself that I'm getting too old (or already am too old) to sit in all these twisted positions I always have myself in.

The picnic and bake sale was very successful. I ended up making 7 Layer Cookie Bars, Brownies and Apple Cinnamon Muffins. Anyone hungry now? The muffins were delicious, even if they were from a mix. It's a new mix...think Duncan Hines. Very easy and very good.

On Sunday, I spent the afternoon with a Post that had a surf fishing tournament yesterday morning. All the contestants had to fish from the beach. It was unbelievable how many fish one guy caught. He was using clams as bait. He won a nice rod and reel as first prize. They had a great dinner...fish, shrimp and crab....with tons of homemade side dishes. I left there completely stuffed. But, today was the day I had planned on cutting back on eating and it didn't happen a minute too soon...LOL.

Hope everyone has a nice evening.

Ann in Florida

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Eric, the panel sounds so interesting.

Ann, I have a bad habit of sitting on one of my calf/foot when I'm on the couch watching TV. Been doing it for years. And for years I get up, the leg hurts, foot is asleep, and I limp around for a while until it feels better. R laughs at me everytime. My Mom used to do this all the time, and it reminds him of her. I don't know why we do this either!

MI Judy

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quick update for my special frineds here!! got dad out of the nursing home for good! Thats the good news. the bad news is we are not sure how long he will be in ICU now! The Hospital staff was shocked to hear what had happened to him after being there and that he could be in that condition without the Home sending him to Hospital! Tired but getting back to my optimistic base tonight!!!

Thanks for the prayers and thoughts It does mean a lot to me and the Family.

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