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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Started my day reading the posts I was alerted to in my email. Glad to see so many new members posting and exisiting members keeping us posted.

Missed yesterday altogether. Started out a little rough physically but smoothed out mid-morning but went right into working mode. Need to get caught up in the office and with the laundry after our return. First week was pretty much swallowed up with medical stuff. I did do lunch last week with a friend but want a day off to do lunch again with another friend.

Called MDA yesterday and talked with the nurse. The awful day out of the blue Saturday was worrisome because they made a couple of changes around my chemo. Gave me six, yes I said six, Zofran pills. Unfortunately, I didn't get the mg. Nurse swore I had them before but I swear I didn't. I know I could have refused but she is such a bit#$, I caved. They also substituted something called Leukine for my Neulasta. Hard to tell if awful side-effects were a result of cumulative Taxotere or one of the changes. They are taking liberties here I'm not comfortable with. The Onc here said he thought I should have a scope of my abdomen later this year. He said "we'd send you to the mainland...." Questioned if I'd want to go to Orlando. Where else!!!??!! My primary oncologist is in Orlando! When I said yes, he said he write a note to Dr Tseng. This is beginning to feel politicaly uncomfortable.

Sorry to go on with my cancer stuff here. Should (and will) put some of this in another thread. I miss Ned but hey, Stephanie, would you chime in if I do a post somewhere else.

Times run out so have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hi all,

Well, today started nice with a lunch with a bunch of girlfriends. But got home to find out that a friend of ours passed away from a heart attack. She was a wonderful woman, and will be terribly missed. So this is funeral week, for her and for our Gilda's friend.

But this is the stuff of life right? Just found out my girlfriend that has tried to get preggers and lost the last 4, is pregnant again! She is so happy. I pray this one takes for her and her husband. She already has five kids, but she loves being a Mommy.

Cold and windy, rainy and icky today. So I have a pot of home made chicken noodle soup in the crock pot.

Going to get busy cleaning this kitchen, it so needs it.

Judy in MI

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I really should be working, but just can't seem to focus today. Yesterday was the anniversary of my mother's death, and for some reason this year seems harder than most but I don't know why. It's been 13 years - wonder if it will be easier when it's 23? I know Katie posted something awhile back about people not remembering. I was an only child, so it is a big deal to me, but even my husband and kids haven't remembered. I have to admit that I didn't remind them - kind of wanted to see if they'd remember on their own.

Our weather is nice and cooler, but my allergies are just brutal lately which makes breathing harder.

JudyKW - I am sure sorry you are having to go through all this baloney with your treatment and meds. I've "caved" on occasion when I knew I should be standing my ground - but didn't want to be known as a "problem patient". As if LC and the treatment isn't bad enough without dealing with these other issues!

JudyMI - I admire you for being able to keep a positive attitude when you are losing people who have been in your group. There are almost no support groups here where I live - except for breast cancer. There is one "general" cancer group, and I've thought about checking it out, but the idea of getting to know and care about these people only to lose them is what has kept me from actually going. Of course you are right, and this is the stuff of life.

I hope everyone is having a good day.

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Afternoon - it is a nasty day out - thunderstorms and too much rain. Hope it stops before I leave, of course my umbrella is right where it should be, behind the driver's seat in the car.

Yesterday was the 8th anniversary of my sister's passing (not cancer it was drug related). She was only 42 years old - and now her youngest son is in an in-patient rehab facility. My mom told me yesterday that he informed her that the bike in his room is "not his" - will it never end - how am I supposed to deal with that.

I have been a busy bee at work (even taking it home) and now I understand I will get two more projects on top of the 3 that I am already behind on - guess the economy for some cities / counties is picking up.

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hello,


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went to ICU to see dad today. Took me 10 minutes outside the doors to get the nerve up from when Deb was in there! Then a friend of mine who used to take care of Deb 7 years ago came outside with me and made it better for a while!!

Dad got rid of his Cpap mask and since he is feeling somewhat better decided to yell at me and everyone else and call us every bad name he could think of! Then he started making some new ones up!!!

Well, as long as he is yelling I guess he has a lot of fight in him!!!

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Diane, I don't think the number of years matters when it's grief. My sister has been gone 24 years now. While I don't at all actively mourn her, every once in a while I experience a wave of it. It can come out of no where, and just a empty feeling of longing. Thankfully it's not a lot anymore, but still....

Annette, that umbrella sure is serving it's purpose huh? LOL. Sounds like you are buried at work. That can actually be good when stressed.

Randy, I had to laugh when you said that he was even making up some bad names. My Mom always told me that she knew when I was getting better from being sick, because I got really ornery! LOL.

Randy I also know the feeling of going back to the location that means nothing good. I felt that way last week. My uncle was on 5West, which is the cancer floor. It made me feel creepy walking the halls with so many memories of my sister, Mom and Dad. Didn't expect that to happen, but it did!

Judy in MI

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