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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! When Stan got the mail yesterday evening, there was a beautiful pink card from my sister. On the front was a beautiful bird with the words "You are a rare bird." I loved it!

Would have been in earlier but Stan brought a neighbor by who needed to use our copy machine. He sat awhile and we talked about his wife who recently died of breast cancer. I didn't know her but was able to encourage him to talk about her. It was wonderful. He recalled some of the rough times but many good times they had even while she was sick. One of those was the wedding they finally planned in Michigan, giving up on getting everyone to Key West for an "on the beach" wedding at the Casa Marina. It felt good to be there for him for even a little while.

Randy, how embarrasing to have your Dad ranting worse than a dirty-mouthed sailor! But I agree, cussing sounds like fight mode and in his situation, that is good.

"As if LC and the treatment isn't bad enough without dealing with these other issues!" Diane, thanks for the empathy. You hit the nail right on the head. We just don't need the drama.

Annette, been there done that with the umbrella in the car pocket. Boy, are you between a rock and a hard place with that bike. If you report it, he's got stolen property. If not, you're on the line for not reporting stolen property. Don't know what I'd do with that. I do agree with Judy though, work is a great distractor. But fun would be better.

Judy, don't envy your week with two funerals. I give you credit for hanging in there. I quit my ftf group here after losing three members. Wasn't really clicking with the rest of the group anyway.

A shout out to the rest of you out there. Have a great day and check in soon.

Judy in KW

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I just want to say hello to everyone. I will be gone for a few days starting tomorrow and when I get back home it will be a busy time for me.

I wish all of you could feel better and have no side effects or other issues from you treatments.

This is such a great time of year. Then again it is also sinus time and a lot of memories so there is good and bad. I went back into some of the papers I kept after all the research I did when Johnny died. I was going to throw them away but just couldn't do it. I still have the tablet that we kept track of his meds on and the calendar that we wrote down appointments. They both have his handwriting and of coarse on the day he died when I got home I wrote on the calendar " the day my heart died'.So now I am going back to where it all began. Back home to old friends and classmates and family. I am hoping to recapture some more memories by walking down the streets in my home town. Granted it isn't the same any more but there are still parts of it that have not changed that much.

When I get back I have an appointment on Wednesday to have one of my toenails removed. I have battled ingrown nails for years and will finally get something done about it. Then we have our annual bazar for 3 days the end of next week. In the middle of all of that is another problem with my car. I thought at first it was the battery again but all the lights work,, it just won't turn over at all. I am starting to suspect that it is the starter. I have no one here to check it and I am being careful not to say too much. They won't allow a car parked here for long if it doesn't run. At least my registration is up to date so they don't have to know that it doesn't run. Will deal with it when I get home. My nephew is out of state and usually helps me so hope I can make due until he gets home. That car is turning into a money pit but I can't afford a newer one and am not ready to give up driving. It is a real problem for me.

Randy glad to know that your dad is doing better. Sorry if he embarassed you but his health is the main issure and like I said it could be partly due to medication. I just pray that he continues to improve and that you can enjoy at least a little of your vacation.

Judy, both of you and Eric and Annette and Ann and Sara and Bud and Dianne and Stephanie and Alan and whoever I am sure to be forgetting. Hang in there. I know you are all going through some rough times right now.

Have a good day everyone and a great weekend while I am gone.

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well his update sounds good so far!!

Out of ICU today.

Spent 2 hours with him and he wore me out because he jsut kept saying help and help me for 2 hours straight then Mom came in for afternoon and sit in on a Urologists consultation so those are good!

and not yelling today just talking! Only thing that scares me now is when he says I do not know if this is the right thing to do!!??

mood for me Cautiously optimistic but better than yesterday!

Thank you all for prayers and thoughts!

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Not easy Randy for sure. Hopefully he is moving forward.

I am totally surprised, it is raining here today and supposed to tomorrow. No one has sent me their extra wood for my ark. I qualified for the Flight C championship in one of my golf leagues and we are supposed to play the championship tomorrow. The only reason I qualified is because I showed up and a lot didn't. But I will take it anyway.

Judy KW, you sure are kicking butt. You are one amazing lady and I respect your cancer attitude a lot.

I just preordered the new Amazon Kindle Fire. I was thinking about buying and Ipad this winter and the Fire looks like it does alot of what I want for a whole lot less money.

Judy (the other), tough times at Gilda's. Unfortunately, I think it comes with the territory. But it still difficult especially if you have established a relationship with the person.

I have 9 grandchildren, 3 of them are Earl's daughter's children so they are my step grandchildren but are loved as dearly as the others. Actually my daughter's 2 children are her adopted children. So my heart loves 9, just makes my heart bigger. I am trying to spend time individually with each of them, a lunch or a dinner and just some chatting. But it is so hard with their schedules. But I am persistent.

I have already scheduled a day with 8 year Jack to go to the Phila. Museum of Art to see the Van Gogh exhibit in March 2012. He is very talented in art and Van Gogh is both of our favorite artists. (Actually Jack is really my fave, but I can't tell him that. lol).

Well it is back to work for me. Boss left for the day, so I may just read my book. Just started Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman. I am see her on 11/5 at a Book Lovers Luncheon.

I wish all of you a calm night.

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Randy, sounds like your Dad is giving you the business. All in all though, it sounds like things are looking up for him healthwise. Hang in there. We're here for you when you run out of eggs lol.

Ginny, congratulations and good luck in the tournament no matter how you got there. I think what you are trying to do with individual outings with your grandchildren is awesome. And we all have a favorite don't we? Of course we can only admit it to special friends like us here at LCSC lol.

Am here again because I decided to take this whole day off. Did nothing this morning but order Stan bags for his vacuum pack machine. He doesn't do computers. I met Maggie for lunch which was great as usual. That ended with a whole walking for blocks and blocks adventure for me. I came back home without shopping but I'd had some fun interactions with downtown working people so I was happy. I'm dead tired but sitting here feeling good and sipping on the Starbuck's cafe latte I got on the way home. I love that the Marriot decided to tuck them in their lobby right there in New Town with easy access and parking. Love it!

Have a great evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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