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Saturday's Air


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Morning All! Beautful sunshiney day. Haven't been out but the weather from my windows is awesome lol. Stan and I are going to town and it should be pleasant as we are expecting a significant drop in humidity.

Think I overdid things a bit yesterday. Was expecting to get up and use the br and head back to bed when I woke this morning. Unfortunately, the clock said 7 am which is my usual time to get up. I like some sitting time anyway so I stayed up.

Stephanie, I'm with you about working through this battle. Can't imagine even though counseling certainly didn't have the same kind of stress that your job did. But it must have been good to go back and see a project you were involved in from the beginning come to fruition. Nice.

Nothing shaking here so hope you all have a good day.

Judy in KW

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ITS 47 degrees outside and I am shaking!!!! Have a great day. Mom talked with dad today so taking her over to see him this afternoon! No valet on weekends, so I have to park her car and get it when she leaves. Dad sounds good so, THANK YOU FOR ALL THE PRAYERS !!!

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Good morning! It's a sunshiney beautiful day too Judy, but like Randy it's c-c-c-c-cold! 47 degrees here too Randy. High today of 54 and tonight, expecting low of 34!!!!!!!

I was hoping to go to the Art show downtown, but it is outdoors, and it's too chilly for that. Will try to go tomorrow when it's expected to be in the low 60's.

Tonight is a friend's surprise 50th birthday party. It's at a very hip and young (ironic) bar in downtown G.R., and that is just for a couple of hours. After that we've been invited to hitch a ride in their limo to pub crawl. I'm not much of a pub crawl person. It's fun, but drinking and driving is not. He knows my paranoia about this, so he told them we'd hang out for an hour but then we'd have to be dropped off at our car to go home.

So, I'm going to go fry some eggs and bacon and get this show on the road. Hope you all have a wonderful Fall day.

MI Judy

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Drizzle. 54 now, maybe up to 64 today.

Cats in the house, sleeping.

Got a call from the contractor who is assigned to weatherize our house - starts Tuesday and should take 3 days. Just in time! Hoping some additional insulation will keep us warmer with less electrical use.

M bought something like 30# of fresh tomatoes yesterday - Farmers Market glut. We'll be skinning, he'll be sauce making, and we will have many quick suppers this winter. Typically, we end up doing this on a 90 degree day, so this looks much better.

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