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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Am taking it easy this morning. Have an appointment with my PCP today and want my BP to be good. It's been great in a number of places these past months. Luck has it though, it's always higher when I see him and I like him lol. And, he's the one who prescribes for it.

Judy, a slow week for you is probably a good thing. Don't expect it will last for long lol.

Ann, wish we could connect sometime when you are in PSL. Will be waiting and watching for your doctor's report. It really sounds like shingles but with no visible rash....Hope they make a dx soon. Not knowing is the worst.

Stephanie, I've been thinking of making more granola but I've been off even the bought kind lately. Now that breakfast, that sounds more like it!

Eric, glad you made the most of a gloomy day with your friend. As for the Knox trial, I did watch the beginning. She was young and naive and the contradictory stories occurred during one of those hours long interogations. We know people say all kinds of things when they are trapped in one of those little rooms in the hopes of getting out of it. I was so relieved when she was acquited. They have already taken four years of her young life.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, friends. It's a beautiful morning here in sunny Florida. The high temps for today are supposed to stay in the mid 80's...such a nice relief from the 90's. We usually stay warm here until November and then we have some chilly days off and on. I do remember that we had a few chilly days in October last year and I'm hoping the pattern returns this year. I really miss the crisp fall days of years gone by. Fall has always been my favorite time of year. I love the craft shows, fall festivals and I love to cook and bake at this time of year. But...it's hard to keep the momentum going when you're in Florida and it's sweltering hot...way too hot to be in the kitchen baking pies...lol!!!

So...I went to the doctor yesterday and what a disappointment that was. All of the blood work wasn't in, so I basically spent $40 for a co-pay office visit and learned absolutely nothing new. It seems as if the prednisolone hasn't done what they hoped, as I'm still burning. He wanted to try a different medication and when I got to the pharmacy, the cost was $171.00 for the generic, as my insurance provider doesn't cover it. Needless to say, I left without the medication. I can't afford to spend $171.00 for something that may be of no help. Heck...I can't afford $171.00 even if it does help. So, I got on the phone and called the doctor's office this morning, asking for other options.

Yes, Judy. This all sounds (and feels) like symptoms of shingles. The doctor says it can't be because it's not just affecting one side of my body. There's no rash...just a little redness of the skin. The pain is terrible. It feels like a severe sunburn with little grains of sand irritating it. I've been having some sensations in the face and back of the head, but thinking that may be from the meds I've been on. So...I guess tomorrow will be another report.

I feel guilty about complaining, as I know that so many here are dealing with more important health issues and struggles.

Hope everyone has a great day. I'm going to keep busy and try to think of something other that PAIN!!!


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Beautiful morning to you all! It's gorgeous here! As Ann described, we have the crisp evening temps, and mid 70's during the day. It was awesome to open the house up yesterday afternoon and let the breezes flow through. This is absolutely my favorite time of year. It seems like every single evening, Mother Nature gets her paint brush out, and goes crazy drafting a new canvas of colors for me to enjoy in the morning. What a blessing.

Ann, I think the doc is right about shingles. They typically follow a nerve pathway. Mine was my right waist and up the spine, all on the same side. I hope and pray they figure it out. I know it seems minor compared to what others are going through, but we're all going through something aren't we?

Speaking of Fall Festivals, we have one here called the Fallasburg Park Festival http://www.lowellartscouncil.org/Defaul ... eId=586157

A couple of years ago, I bought a scarf that was weaved by this little old lady, very sweet and cute. Somehow I lost it, and I loved that thing. It was the perfect weight to take the chill off on a cool day. So I looked on purpose for her and she was there. I ran up to her like she was a dear old friend. LOL. Told her how much I loved that scarf and bought another one, bright purple!

Eric and Judy, I watched the news with great anticipation yesterday about the Knox trial. I didn't really follow it 4 years ago, and now I'm glad I didn't for I would have been so upset by it. When I heard about that nasty prosecutor and the games he played, I was so worried for her. By now she might already be back in the USA. Thank God!

Have a good one.

MI Judy

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Bright purple scarf, I want one, purple is my absolutely favorite color.

It has been so wet here, more rain than ever. Did it stop me from playing golf, not on your life. I am hoping that mud packs are really good for your skin, because you hit the ball in this crap and mud flies all over you.

Ann, that has to be so frustrating. I would like to get the shingles shot but you have to pay for it and then get reimbursed by Aetna. Not sure how long it takes them to reimburse. It is over $200.00, may just bite the bullet because I understand that shingles are mighty painful. When are the results back?

Oops, here comes by boss. Later.

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I just got a call from the doctor's office and it looks like all my blood work looked OK. So...the verdict is still out on what the heck this is. The doctor kept asking me about stress and I said "yes" but I don't think I had really given thought to the amount of stress I've been under for the last month or so. I found several online sites that discussed anxiety and the symptoms people talked about were almost identical to mine. So...maybe that's the answer. I just hate the thought of taking any long term meds. I don't want to get into a pattern of having to take something to "relax" me on a daily basis. If there's something I can take when I know I'm in a stressful situation...that would be different. I just can't figure out why the doctor would even figure that an "allergy" would affect only certain areas of the body. For instance, if I was allergic to a detergent, wouldn't my entire body be affected? I googled burning skin and anxiety and it seemed to fit the symptoms. So...another thing to think about.

I have been really stressed to the max for the last month or so...???

GinnyD...I know how you love golf...just didn't realize how much...LOL. I love hearing from you, so talk more!!!

MI Judy...I love purple. I think the "purple thing" started when my grandaughter decided that purple is her favorite color. right now, I'm really excited about wearing all my fall colors. The earthtones have always been "my" color.

Hope KW Judy is having a good day today.


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Judy in KW is having a good day Ann. I went to my PCP and talked out some of the problems I've been having doing chemo here in KW. I told him afterwards that when things get crazy with my medical care, I come see him. He centers me which amuses him since I was a counselor. The main reason for the visit was new scripts for my meds and I left without them lol. So much for being centered!

Ann, whatever the cause, I hope you get pain relief soon. Meditation and/or relaxation exercises can be very effective if done on a regular basis. I used to teach relaxation to clients and give them a tape of my voice talking them thru it. Your life sounds really busy tho and it takes a commitment to do it in a manner that supports success.

Judy, sounds like you are enjoying a lovely Fall. Stan and I have talked about finally visiting Fall somewhere next year. Funny, purple is my favorite color too. Don't know when it happened but I had my first counseling office painted wisteria. It was a soft lovely shade of purple. When I was younger, my favorite colors were orange and yellow. Sounds like mellowing with age to me lol.

Ginny, I love hearing you talk too. Picturing you mud spattered on the golf course. Tickled me. By the way, I did not know the shingles shot was that expensive!

Have a great evening everyone. Annette and Bud and Alan and Diane, missing you. Cutting Stephanie and Eric some slack. Think they were here recently.

Judy in KW

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