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Morning All! Wendy called just when I started posting so actually I'm back. Feeling really lazy today but can't afford to. I have Stan booked to help me with a project in the orchid room. I read in the paper that for whitefly you can take a roll of yellow construction tape and dip it in olive oil and hang it near your plants or trees. I want to try it before I rip the rest of the renegade vine out and see what happens. I hate to use chemicals but will if I have to.

We've been having overcase/stormy skies the past couple of days. Doesn't look good again today. Think that's what makes me lazy. I do need the sun. Will push myself til it's time to go for my massage at 3 pm--Yeaaaahhh. We leave for PSL and Orlando on Saturday so I need to get it in gear.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hi all,

Judy, I hope you can get rid of the pests with the olive oil. I'd love to see pics of your orchid room. It sounds so beautiful.

Well, it's awful here. It's 44 and sunny blue skies, and highs of 76. Just horrid. LOL. I actually can't believe it but they are forecasting 80's for the rest of the week.

What is it that all of us women are in love with purple? It is truly my favorite color now. When I was younger, it was racy red. My color palate is winter colors, if you know what I mean. Ann said she is Autumn, and I can see that with her picture. I'm definitely winter, which is bright colors, cobalt blues, brilliant reds, whites, etc. Muted colors don't work on me.

I spent most of the afternoon yesterday at the hospital. One of my Gilda friends is in there. He is 36, SCLC Stage IV, and it's trying to win the battle. He's frustrated because his doctor has pretty much given up on him. But he went to Karmanos http://www.karmanos.org/, and they gave him three treatment options. They told him to go home and present these options to his doctor. His doctor won't do any of them. He's ready to fire his Oncologist, and find a new one. I don't blame him. He is young, has a 4 year old son, and wife, and just isn't ready to give up the fight.

I"m working to get my shifts changed at the club. There is an adult Christian Cancer Support group starting tomorrow, and I'd like to go to it. It happens during my volunteer shift at the front desk though. So we're trying to find someone to take the later shift, and I'll come in at noon and work until 4:30. I'm hoping it will work out.

Well, hope lots of folks come in and post. Have a good day!

Judy in MI

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Good morning Judy & Judy. It sounds as if you're both having a good start to this mid-week hump day.

KW Judy...we do need to get together at some time. I work maybe two minutes off I-95 and you could probably stick out your arm and wave to me as you go by the first Palm Bay exit (Malabar Road). Maybe we can coordinate a quick lunch the next time you're either coming or going by here. I love orchids. Dennis' father had an orchid house and I was always in awe of the beautiful blooms that would emerge from those plants. I hope the tape and olive oil do the trick for you. Also, thanks for the meditation tips. I am felling better today and either the prednisone has finall kicked in or I'm a bit more relaxed.

Judy in MI...so sorry to read about your friend. I get so frustrated when I hear that doctors won't give treatment options to cancer patients. Doctors should understand that it's the patients that are fighting the fight of their life and be willing help them experiment with new techniques when "standard" medicine has failed them.

It's a nice day here....getting a little cloudy. We can really use the rain. I'm hoping to get a new profile picture up today. The new one that I put on FB is too big a file and I have asked Katie to help me with getting the new pic up here.


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I am sitting under my desk. There is a big orange ball in the sky and I am frightened. And they are saying it will be there for the next 7 days.

Judy KW your travel schedule is unbelievable, I get tired just hearing about it.

Judy (the other), my blood boils when I hear that the onc. won't try a treatment that the patient wants. Are they afraid of being sued? Or, as I believe, they can't believe that anyone could possibly know more than they know. ARRRRGGGGHH

Hearts out to Randy on the passing of his dear Dad.

Annette, get your funny posts back here, you are missed.

I play for the Flight C (I should be an F) championship in one of my golf leagues tomorrow. I truly am just thrilled I made the playoff and the worse I will be is 2nd. Another cheap trophy, lol.

I work on tues. and wed. so it is easier for me to post on those days. My desk top died at home and I can't type easily on my laptop. Been working on a slanted keyboard for too long. I do type on it, but it is frustrating. Don't tell me to get a plug in kb, I do the laptop on my lap, can you believe that. When I posted on fb that my computer died, my friend who is a minister offered to write a homily. I have really funny friends, thank God.

Where are all the other posters. I would hate to see this site go away for lack of use. I remember how much both the support and knowledge helped me when Earl was fighting this damn disease. Remember going to his onc. and him saying, "No Ginny, Tarceva will not work for Earl", even before I asked. He knew I was getting info from this site.

My all my cyber friends have a happy day.

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Good afternoon - sorry about my disappearance - just not feeling very 'funny' these days.

Had a meeting at Social Services for the nephew's in-patient care (scheduled release date in February!!!) - we were absolutely blindsided. The little .... brat .... got another patient to cheek his lithium and another to cheek his abilify and then him and another boy combined them and took them. Boy is this treatment working. He is not working on anything - won't even do simple writing to get to phase 2 so he can get out of there a couple of hours. (Of course, I stopped going with my mom to visit him when he told me I was being petty because I was making him and mom change dentists. Well the "other woman" works for this dentist - I think it's safer this way, my mom might bite her if she comes near her. LOL - well I think it would be funny. And yes, the reason I am carrying a shovel around in my car is just in case I run into her!)

Sorry about that - just slipped out.

So so so sorry to read about Randy's dad. I hope he knows he can call me anytime he needs to talk!

Traveling Judy - what a trip up the keys it is - good thing the reward will be to see Wendy and Dominick.

Judy (MI) - It is overwhelming to think that any doctor would just give up when a patient is so ready to fight. Talk about lack of professional ethics - you would think the doctor would try anything at this point.

Where is Eric? I have missed a few days I confess - but sure could use a post by him. (I don't know about you - but I can always here the accent when I read his posts!)

Anyway - back to this horrible pile of work.


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