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Thursday's Air


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Morning All! First of all my sympathies to you Randy and your family on the death of your Dad. I would have missed it altogether if someone hadn't mentioned it on the Air. I haven't been on FB for awhile and am assuming that's where the announcement was.

Too busy catching up, doing chemo and getting ready to go for scan on Saturday. I am so tired.

Good to see you onsite Annette. And yes, I think the dentist and shovel things are funny. Just the right touch lol. Hope your hear is healing.

Got to go. The cleaning lady is now in the middle of my space.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hi everyone.

Randy, I guess I missed the announcement about your Father too. My deepest sympathies.

Annette, it was good to see you. Even if you didn't realize it, the sense of humor is coming back! Keep a shovel in your car!!!! Hilarious.

Ann, looking forward to seeing your new updated picture here. I really liked that picture. You are so pretty!

Well, it's fantastic here. Sunshine, 80 out, and the trees are breathtaking. We're not quite a peak yet, but getting close.

I'm at Gilda's today for 6 hours volunteering, and then off to the support class. Going to be a long day but a good one.

Judy in MI

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I want to join in with everyone to send hugs to Randy today. Our Randy is such a warm and caring person and I know he has been heartbroken dealing with his father's illness. It's so hard to watch our "LCSC family" when they go through hard times.

Thanks to Katie for uploading the new picture. I am so glad to have gotten the haircut and I feel like doing my hair is one less think to worry about these days. Although I've always envied people with straight hair, I was given these naturally curly/wavy strands For many years, I wore my hair short, in a similar style to this. All I have to do is grab a blow dryer and just run my fingers through my hair...no brush needed. About three years ago, i decided to let my hair grow...must have been a mid-life crisis...lol. Then, the lady that had done my hair when it was short, sold her shop and I couldn't find anyone that seemed to have the knack of cutting wavy hair. So...Robin just decided to reopen her shop after all these years and I couldn't wait to hop in that chair and let her start cutting. So...from now on, short is the style for me.

For some reason, today has been a very sentimental day for me. I feel as if I could cry at the drop of a hat...regardless if the news is happy or sad. I've been sitting here, getting weepy eyed, thinking about having a new grandbaby. I've been looking at pictures of Ella and Jude and thinking how blessed I am to have my family. Also thinking about how Dennis would have loved these babies. With the new baby set to arrive any day now, I have to wonder if Dennis has met him or her???

MI Judy...I so admire you for all your efforts with Gilda's. What a special person you are.

KW Judy...let's really work on a face-to-face meeting. I would love that!!!

Annette...so good to hear from you. I miss reading your posts.

Katie...thanks for everything!!!

So....tomorrow is my favorite day of the week...YIPPEE!!!

If you get a chance...click this link and smile. This is my song for Ella. I think I'm really realizing that I would like a second granddaughter!!! But, healthy is all that matters...boy or girl!!!

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Ann, I'll come back and enjoy the video later! It won't play here at Gilda's!

I want to know where all our guys are! I know Eric is busy. Bud? Bruce? Alan?? Our friend from S. Africa? Anyone else that I missed??

The Air feels stale without you guys! And the MIA women too! I miss all of you.

Judy in MI

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Just hanging around watching the weatherization of the house. The heating ducts aren't making their target for (no) leakage, so it may extend an extra day or more as we wait for an okay from the inspector. They've done pretty much all they can to make them right.

And the cats are sleeping.

Drizzle and gray. 50 degrees last night. Maybe 58 today.

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Randy - I'm so sorry to hear of your Dad's passing. I missed it also. I know what a difficult time this is and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Ann - you just look beautiful. I envy you the wavy hair. Mine was curly for almost a year after chemo - and it was wonderful - but no longer. Am back to boring, straight hair. I'll have to try to update my picture one of these days. The only kind of odd thing was that the straighter my hair got, the darker it became - weird.

Stephanie - our weather is like your's, and I am just not mentally ready. I hope we will still have a week or two of warmer weather before the cold and gray is back for the winter.

Judy KW - I will be thinking of you on Saturday and hope for great scan results.

Judy MI and everyone else - hope your day is going great!


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