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Morning All! Stormy day in KW. No rain yet but grey skies and wind. I'm not looking forward to our trip tomorrow. I don't like strong winds going over the bridges in the RV. Also, I recently realized it was a holiday weekend. Yikes. Hope we can get an early start.

Have to get back in the computer today. Did a boo-boo invoice yesterday. Missed the total by a mile. Of course I got it in the mail in time for pick up so have to do a fax ahead of it fixing the amount. I hate it when that happens.

It's final packing day but we won't be gone long so that helps. I just want to go and get back. This will not be the funnest trip. I have so many projects on hold until we get back home.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

PS Ann, our meeting will have to wait til next year. I'm afraid we don't travel 95 except for when we are heading further North. We usually do that in the Spring, Summer or early Fall.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hi you guys,Haven't been here much lately. caught up looking back at posts. Randy, I'm so sorry for the loss of your dad.

So Judy in MI., where are the guys you ask. Well, for me, I'm watching a bunch of sports. It's the best time of year for sure. The Phils have a chance, The Eagles don't.( that's ok with me, I'm in Steelers country plus no.7 of the Eagles is not my favorite player or person, I love dogs.) Hockey is underway, well, you see where I'm at. Oh and plus all the winterizing at this ranch each fall. yeah right, ranch. It does take some doing but I still enjoy it especially with the great weather.

Oh yeah Eric, It's about that young cutie you've been hangin with. How the H do you get away with that my friend? I'd be out on the street picking up my belongings and booted into the next county. What a sweet and nice wife your Sally must be. Stop me now before I get in trouble. Sounds like a slippery slope but who am I to say?

Ok, so enough outa me, you guys all take it easy and enjoy this great weather. sorry about the stormy forecast in Fla. Judy, you can grin at all us when we're snowbound and frozen in a month or so. Maybe you'll get some visitors who want that corona moment on the beach. I'd love that, especially after some of that great fishing you have. Ok, now I'm totally jealous.

Gotta go watch sportscenter now. Phils tonight. let's go boys.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 72 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 90. I hasn't been that warm all week. I actually wore long sleeves for the ride to work Monday and Tuesday. It was in the mid 50's.

As usual, I can't seem to find enough hours in the day. I really intended to wash and wax my truck this week, but didn't get it done. I made the last payment on it this morning, and wanted to see it all shiny and clean when I did.

I've spent too much time this week trying to do work more suited to a young man, a reminder that if I'm going to keep working, a career change is in order.

Rose, daughter Marie, and Pixie are supposed to go fishing with me Sunday (I've even purchased my first dog life jacket), but there's a 40 percent chance of rain, so we'll see.

Have a great day, all!

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Good morning!

Alan and Bud, it was so good to hear from both of you. Alan, I do understand about Sports. Between Sports and hunting, I am alone a lot this time of year. Maybe that's why I'm wanting to see a lot of folks here! I love College football, but not that crazy about Pro football. It irks me that these are all millionaires running around on the field, when so many of us are working hard just trying to eek out a living and not making it. (Stepping off soap box, but want to say feels the same about baseball players too). :-)

R has been at employee meetings each evening this week. When he has to do them for the plant workers, they go into the evening when their shifts are working.

Tonight he will be at one until 7:00 and then home to cook up a storm for his deer camp buddies. He will be out the door at 5:00AM to head to his home town for a weekend of hunting and fun with his friends. He has a new cross bow he is itching to try out on something more than the target in our backyard. He will come home Sunday night, tired, unshaven and unshowered (yech). He'll take a shower and crash for sure.

Today is supposed to get into the mid 80's, which is very unusual for us. It's getting quite cold at night though, so when the sun sets, it cools down really fast. It's nice.

My allergies are finally easing up. It's really nice and I'm just going to appreciate every Kleenex free moment I have!

Hope you all have a nice day!

Judy in MI

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Good to see the guys onsite. Alan, enjoy your sports but glad my husband isn't much of a sports watcher. Let me amend that, he does watch hunting and fishing shows during his alone time. We're pretty good at compromising with TV. Duh, if we didn't, we could go look at one of the other 2 TVs in the house but we never do lol.

Bud, I do understand how previously "normal" tasks get harder as time goes by. I was in the orchid room closest to the outside fence this week. It was full of larger weeds and more tenacious vines than the inside section I did last week. Stan kept coming and telling me to quit but it was hard to finally stop. I was so close to finishing but just couldn't go another inch. Hope you get your fishing date in. Sounds interesting taking the dog. Didn't even know there were life jackets for dogs lol.

Judy, when I used to have frequent weekends alone, I would often get a chick flick, a box of chocolates and take-out Chinese food. Turn it into an event. It works. When Stan was traveling ALL THE TIME and I lived in Kutztown PA, I had a local restaurant where I hung out. You could go any time of day and someone would be there to chat with. I would have coffee, food or a tiny-tot sundae. Could never find a replacement here in KW--I'm not a bar person lol.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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