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Morning All! Sorry I didn't make it in yesterday. Up with an alarm to pack and get going by 8 am. Stopped and picked up Dominick in Port St Lucie. OMG he is such a young man now. I'm going to try to reduce the size of a 8x10 pic taken on his cruise to put on the net.

Judy, it may be the time of year or maybe our lives have just gotten too boring lol. In any event, posts wax and wane and at least we have lurkers.

Stephanie, the anxiety started to surface last evening but better out than in I always say. On our way to Orlando already but can't say bright and early. Early yes but it's pouring. Did so all night and thru the morning. Yuk. We're taking Dave and family to brunch. It will be sloppy.

I have to wait a day for my scans now also. Used to get them same day but they said it was too stressful for the radiologists. Whatever. Don't know when I'll be back on. Have to check my data usage on the phone. The meter online goes back a month!

Have a great day everyone. Oh, and Bud, catch a lot of fish and don't let the dog fall in.

Judy in KW

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

A lurker returns,sorry about my lack of posting,I have been reading some days posts,I really must put in a bit more effort.I was at church this morning,I park my car in an adjacent supermarket's carpark,however when I returned to it,the council have started digging up the road outside on a roundabout,so the entire area has become a log jamb,nothing else for it,600 cars in the supermarket all in a queue to leave,where traffic lights are only allowing the passage of a few at a time,I have abonded my car and walked home,hopefully I can return later and pick it up when things are less busy.I am going out tonight to Drumchapel,a small group of us at church have been invited to a service there and then a evening meal in the Minister's home,I really could'nt get out of it,anyway I never fail to enjoy myself whereever I go.

My wee sister Irene has some water damage to her kitchen recently she has settled with her insurance company and is now in the process of a major kitchen refit,so yesterday it was on with the working togs and tools to wotk with Pat her husband to relay the kitchen floor.Pat is also putting a system of underfloor heating on top of the timber floor deck and then laying stone floor tiles on top,seems my weekends are going to be busy for a while,I enjoy doing construction work so all is well.

Still gyming,swimmin anf yoga-ing, is that a word?.I was at the Stobhill Lung Cancer support Group last Wed,I brought along my laptop to give a short presentation of my USA holiday(as requested by the group last month)however one member objected to Robert about non lung cancer talk within the group and people bringing in computers,which is not what he expects by his attendance,well I just shut the laptops lid,and thought,what a maroon,well I am not going to share with him,perhaps an other occassion may be more appropriate.I dont really see what he was complaining about we had two guest speakers,a nutritionist and a clinical trial nurse from the Beatson,both of whom were excellent.

Oh lots of adventures this week,my two previous admin assistants,Liz and Rhoda,have booked a table for lunch on Thursday in the colleges training restaurant,always excellent food and service,dished up by the students,supervised by their lecturers.Friday night,Bowling Club dinner,Bill,his wife May,Sally and I along with other friends, should be a brill night out.Saturday,I have been invited out to meet up with the Morgan Lee Band,for a musical recital thingy,dont really know what its about,but they told me to bring my guitar.I will need to get some practice in its been a while since I have played it.

Looking further forward,Lung Cancer Quiz night in the Highlands of Scotland (Carrbridge)19th Oct and then Friday 21st its Hikers and Bikers Presentation of Cheques Dinner,oh I cannot wait,being in the company of all these lovely women.

Sorry got to go,I have done it again I have typed this directly rather than copy and paste from word-here goes.Bye

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Coming in late on this one but wanted to say hi Eric. You keep talking about all those social activities and I may have to move to Scotland. Stan and I are a bit out of the loop here. Key West is a transient town and our little community here has almost completely changed in the past ten years. True, we could have more social engagements than we do but compatibility is an issue too. When you have cancer and limited energy, you get a little picky. Oh well, I manage to keep busy enough lol.

Glad you are enjoying your retirement. No danger of boredom for you lol.

Judy in KW

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