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Tuesday's Air

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

One lurker returns,sorry about my lack of posts,must do better,I am still a bit miffed at losing yesterdays post it was so full of interesting topics,wit,shear dead brilliant wordsmanship,oh no it was’nt,it was full of all my usual meanderings of absolutely little interest,you don’t believe me ? OK here is more,you deserve whats coming.

First,where the heck has everyone gone?come on guys, expedite the writing digits.Gyming and swimming yesterday,yoga-ing (is that a word?)and swimming today,do you know,swimming lengths up until today I have managed tops, 11,consecutively,guess what? this morning I managed 34,six packs on the horizon methinks and 35Ilbs gone.

We had invited Jennifer and Chris over for dinner yesterday,however she arrives alone,they had a falling out,and Chris has gone in the huff,glad I am an a adult now and don’t do such things,anyway we had a great time to-gether.Indoor bowling tonight,I played my best game yet Thursday last,but our team still were beaten,maybe,just maybe,to-night will be different.

Was’nt it nice to see El Presidente appearing yesterday?,Hi KatieB,good to see you,still as busy as ever,I would really loved to join in with the Lifeline Partner Prog,but I suppose its much more difficult geographically me being at the other side of the pond?.

Hi JudyMI,I can appreciate your problems running a large house.my last house was such a type,though I guess not as large as the one you describe,the heating and maintenance costs plus just keeping the garden tidy was exhausting,no I am much happier in my wee 3 bedroom semi with small front garden,and large patio at the rear,which requires little attention work wise,mind you I have still yet to plant out approx 30m of raised planters,leave that now to next year,I was in the USA this year at planting time,least thats my excuse.

Hi Stephanie,I thought your funeral service was rather strange,its normal practice here,even if the deseased was unknown to the priest/minister,they would consult with the family and friends to build up enough infro to provide a decent reflection of the life.Seems to me,another lazy one who could do with a wake up call.

Bye for now,I will drop by later after the bowling,particularly if my team manage to win.

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Hi all,

Eric, I so would trade my monster house for a wee one! When we built it, we both were working, and we anticipated entertaining a lot. NOT! So we live with it because selling it and getting enough to pay the mortgage off is highly unlikely.

Well my ladies "life group" reconvened for the fall, winter and spring. I missed them so during the summer. It's so good to get back together and studying the Word again.

It's just starting the cool down again, a few degrees at a time again. Still gorgeous. Low 70's today and tonight 50. Makes for good sleeping. Love the warm days and cold nights. Means no A/C or Heat. I love that period of time when we get a break from our utilities.

Well, I'm off to enjoy the rest of the day. Hope you do too!

MI Judy

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Ok, where is everybody. Lonely place here today. I hope all are well.

We have had gorgeous weather for about a week, warm and sunny. But it looks like the rain is coming.

Lot of golf this weekend. I won the Flight C championship in my thursday golf league. Saw Ides of March, thoroughly enjoyed it. Took a golf lesson on Sat, what an expensive way to ruin a mediocre game. I am one of those people that think if I keep throwing money at my game it will get better, not.

Alan, the Phillies and Eagles should not have your attention right now. Come back.

Karen, please let us know how you are doing.

Back to work.

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Hi you guys, Ok, now I'm a regular lurker. Yes Ginny, Phila. not a pleasant sports town right now. Did Howard stink or what? Don't even say no. 7's name for the birds to me. I'll be back in Phila. next month, I hope all my friends aren't too sad. Oh well, It's just a diversion, can't get wrapped up in it so much.

We've been battling our stink bug infestaion, anyone else? I hate those little bastards. They're not as bad this fall as last, but still hate them. (another fine asian import) no offence to anyone, just the bugs. I think they only are here in the northeast. I read that they got started in Allentown area.

On another subject, smoking, I got that question so many times, I've learned to expect it. I say "no, it was the paint fumes and dust mixed with radon and a multitude of other crap that we all have to breathe. It's all irrelevant anyway as we should look forward not back. It doesn't matter how we got in this pickle, it's where we go now and how do we fix it and move on. Well, I still have the Tigers to route for, Here come the Flyers, Steelers rebounded nicely. Back to my diversion. Yeah, I don't want to talk about their money either. I wish I could have been rich playing a game, but not. see you guys later.

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