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Much like some other first time posters, I am not 100% certain I belong on this site. My mom passed away 7 years ago (at the age of 54) from lung cancer and I stumbled upon the community when looking for ways to support lungevity. I would just like to say how wonderful it is that this community exists. Prior to my mom being diagnosed in Feb 2004 I was untouched by cancer. She remained so positive through all of the diagnosis' that we didn't even fathom her passing away (May 2004). I remember feeling lost and confused by all of the technical terms (so much that I can't even recall all of them to put them in my "signature" below). This site would have been a perfect way for me to express concern and learn more about the process from real life experiences. One of the hardest things at the time of the diagnosis was that everyone would ask me if my mom smoked. She did and when I would tell friends and family they would almost brush off the pain we were experiencing, as if she deserved it.

I am finally comfortable enough to share and volunteer. The healing process has been a rollercoaster of emotions and for so many years I was simply bitter (to be frank). Reading your positive stories and emotional support to each other is very uplifting and encouraging. It takes me back to those final days in my college experience (she passed away two weeks after I graduated) that I have refused to talk about for so many years. I certainly could have used a site like this back then!

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Welcome! So sorry to hear that you lost your mother to this awful disease. You've been touched by lung cancer, so you certainly belong here.

As Katie likes to say, when it comes to lung cancer, we're cause agnostic here; we don't care how anyone got lung cancer. We know that too many never smokers also get lung cancer, that no one deserves it, and that more needs to be done to detect and treat it.

We have a wide variety of people here, from survivors to caregivers to people who, just like you, have lost love ones to lung cancer. Again, welcome, and I look forward to seeing more posts from you.

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welcome and of course you belong here. i havent been a member here myself very long but it does seem like a caring bunch of people which is so awesome. i actually decided to join a few forums cause when i was told i had lc i know what i went through and the lost feeling and there wasent many places i found that were helpful so i was hoping i could at least help in some way so maybe even one person didnt have to go with some questions unanswered. i know you said it has been 7 years since you lost your mom and im very sorry for that loss but if you still ever need to talk you can post here or inbox me i would be more than happy to lend an ear. i have lost several people in my life to other cancers and i know its never easy .

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I also welcome you here! You certainly do belong here. We're so glad you joined! Ah...............your Mom was so young. Breaks my heart. I was diagnosed at age 52. I'm so grateful to still be here.

I so wish I had found a site like this when my Mom was diagnosed with LC. She died in 1996. Like you, I was angry and bitter. I was only 40 when she died, and I needed a place like this. I'm so glad I found it now. Unbelievable that I got the same disease.

Whether we smoked or not is irrelevalent. Not every smoker gets lung cancer. Not every non-smoker gets it either. But this we know....lung cancer is a killer. They don't know enough about it....and they need to know more because too many people are getting it, and too many are dying.

I'm so glad you joined. If you wish to get into a daily chat, we do a daily AIR where we open the windows to fresh air and chat. We would welcome you there if you want to get to know us better. It's fun and just a nice way to get to know each other.

MI Judy

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Welcome, you are certainly welcome. I have to sit on my anger everytime I hear did (you/she/he) smoke. I explain that 30% of the people who get lung cancer never smoked. I also add a warning not to ask people that question. It's like asking someone with stomach or colon cancer if they ate too much. That seem to get through.

There is no time limit on grieving or unloading or venting. We are here for you offering support in any manner you need.

Stay strong.

Judy in KW

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