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Wednesday's Air


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Hi all,

Alan, I don't know what the Tiger's score was last night. Hoping they won. What is blowing us away is the football team. Every year we groan about how awful they are, and then this year? The Lions are unbelievable. To see them actually play a Monday Night football game was unbelievable and wonderful. Nice to see activity happening in downtown Detroit.

Had to get up too early to have the LP gas guy set a new tank. We are firing our old supplier. They were $1.00 a gallon higher! They said he'd be out at 9:30, nope! Showed up at 8:30. So I got to escort him around my appliances in my jammies. Ugh. Said our water heater is leaking and about to go. So will have to tend to that I'm afraid.

Sprinkler guys are coming out this afternoon to shut the system down, flush the lines, etc., for the winter.

R caught his plane in New York and got home on time. He said he almost lost it in the taxi cab ride to the airport. Yeah. Those guys are crazy drivers. He had to lower the window "in case" he had an accident. That must have been quite the ride.

Hope you all have a good day.

MI Judy

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I keep hitting the wrong key and it takes me to all different places. I have been very busy so only lurking part time.

I had a great time when I went home to Mountain View. I got to visit with family and see friends from school that I had not seen in 50 years. I also go to see a lot of my home town that I had not seen for many years. I hope that next year when I go for our 50th reunion that I can see a lot of other places. There are so many changes but there are many things that are still there.

I came back to a very busy week last week. Rained on Tuesday so I had no chance to get my battery checked and really with my nephew out of state no one to do it for me. It didn't matter that much then but now I am really needing my car.

I had my toe nail removed or I should say the sides of it removed last Thursday and have had to soak it a couple times a day. It is just not healing the way it should. I am hoping there is no infection. Follow up appointment is today so I will find out for sure.

We had our anual sale last weekend too. It last from Thursday through Saturday so I was there for all of that time. I wasn't much help this time. I did grill the hot dogs for our sale one day and made a jambalya one day for the workers but that was about it.

I have a lot of cleaning to do so I started a little at a time yesterday. Mostly it is just getting rid of things that I tend to hold onto for too long. Also those old dust bunnies are having a grand time. I am taking everything slow and washing knic knacs as I go. I only have a small apartment but have slowed down a lot in the past couple of years. Judy MI I can't imagine trying to keep up a house that size.

Stephanie my husband was Catholic and I promise you the funerals are not all like that at least not the ones I have been too. Usually they are in a small parish and most of the people know each other and the priest. They do usually have a mass as well as the service but it is the service that is personal. Sorry that you had such a bad experience.

Alan I quit wathing the games after the Giants season ended. Busy time and new shows coming on. I plan to watch the World Series but don't have a clue who will be in it this year.

Ginny sounds like you enjoy your golf and you should. Why pay to complicate something that you enjoy so much? Just saying!

Well I have to run. Time to take the bandage off and see what I am dealing with today.

I also want to ask for prayers for a neighbor and dear friend. She went to the hospital a few weeks ago. She is not expected to live much longer. She just has too many health issues. Please say a prayer for Maxine and all of us who love her.

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Good afternoon, everyone!

It was 64 degrees when I got up this morning. Forecast high is 80, but I'm not sure we're going to make that. A line of storms was arriving just as I should have been leaving on my bike, so I drove to work today, the first time I've driven rather than ridden since August.

My Sunday fishing trip got rained out. We had some good rains, almost 8 inches in some places. But that won't begin to fix our lakes. It will take more than seasonal rain for that. It will take a flood. Lake Benbrook near me is a perfect example. Its water level rose a little more than a foot after the weekend rains. It's 17 feet low, though, so a one foot rise is hardly noticeable.

I'm calling a caregiver this evening to give support. That's always hard for me. I make a lot better patient than caregiver or support person. Nothing too exciting happening here; just my usual case of lots of little things going at once.

Time to get back to work. Have a great day, all!

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Good late afternoon, friends. It's been an unusually busy day at work today, so I'm just grabbing a minute to jump in and catch up.

MI Judy.. Don't blame you for firing the LP company. In today's economy, your pricing needs to be competitive and your service excellent! $1.00 higher a gallon is something that would definitely make a huge difference to me. I had to laugh hearing about the cab ride in NY. I had a similar experience in Minneapolis...just wanted the ride to be over...with me in one piece.

Lillian...So glad that you enjoyed your trip. I know how you look forward to your adventures and I always love hearing about your trips. Were you able to remember your friends that you haven't seen in all those years? I'm sure that everyone's appearance had changed a lot. I'm hoping that someone from my graduating class is working on a reunion soon. The last one I attended was my 10th and no one had changed a lot. This one should be fun!!!

Bud...Glad to hear Texas got some well needed rain. We got soaked last weekend...over a foot of rain in many places. How long had it been since you had a good rain? Sorry it rained out your fishing but I know you were glad to see the rain.

Nothing new here..still on baby watch. Due date is the 14th . DIl was two weeks early with the first baby and two weeks late with the second. So...maybe this little gal or guy will be right on time. Funny...I have a meeting on the 15th (Saturday) in Port St. Lucie, which is a little over an hour away. I have been joking for a couple of months that I may have to leave the meeting if I get a phone call and that may be the case. Even if I am the president, I'm requesting special permission to leave my cell phone on during the meeting, in case the call comes.

Hope everyone is having a great week. I am thankful that we're almost ready to start that Friday countdown and you all know that Friday is my favorite day of the week...lol!!!


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I need to be cleaning my floors, but am putting it off so decided to drop by. Bud, am glad you got some rain - and I know how badly it is needed in your neck of the woods - but we'll get plenty soon and we were supposed to have some nice weather this week, but the weatherman seems to be off the mark. Had just enough rain that the dogs tracked mud in, so now I have to get busy with my mop.

Lily - I hope your toe is healing better. I had to have surgery on my foot once and didn't realize untiil then how slow to heal and prone to infection our feet can be. Am glad your reunion went so well.

Ann, congratulations on the new baby coming - there is nothing quite as much fun.

JudyMI - I just hate it when someone knocks on my door before I'm dressed - but I guess for that much savings it's worth it.

Stephanie - I read with interest your description of the funeral you went to. I'm Catholic, and when my parents died I had to meet with the priest who would be officiating at their funerals. (We actually didn't have a Mass because my Mom didn't want one -- she said all of her friends were protestant and she wasn't going to make them sit through a funeral Mass :)) If the priest didn't personally know the individual they ask questions about them so they can work that information into their eulogy - but unfortunately I've found it comes down to how much talent in writing or speaking the individual priest has - and also if he personally knew the individual. Some are very good at sermons, eulogies, or whatever - and some are just awful. My husband is not Catholic but goes to Mass with me, and quite often afterward he asks me what the priest was talking about during his sermon - and way too often I just don't have a clue.

I am still stressing out about choosing a medical insurance policy for the upcoming year (begins 11/1) - and have to make a final decision tomorrow in order to have enough time to get all of the paperwork done and mailed in so coverage starts on time. It will be a big relief to have the decision made - for better or worse. I hope the weather clears for the weekend so we can get the yard in shape before it really starts raining - I notice we have blackberry bushes coming up among the shrubs and that means trips to the vet if I don't get them all pulled out.

Well I hope everyone has a great Friday as well as a safe weekend.


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