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Saturday's Air


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Morning All! Nice chatty Air yesterday but still missing many. Drop in when you get time.

My favorite day in this cycle--well this Saturday anyway. The last Saturday after chemo I was gripped with pain all day. Thought it might have been a little constipation coming on so took a half dose of Miralax. So far, so good. The marathon trip to the mainland and back, then right into early am chemo and back to the hospital yesterday for my post-chemo shot just took the stuffing out of me. Today I get to do no more than what I put on myself. Lovin it!

Judy, when you get allergies again and want to consider shots, you go to an Allergist and get the test done that tells them precisely what you are/are not allergic too. Then they recommend what if any shots you should take. I started with three, then down to two--one for trees, weeds, grass and ragweed, another for mold and mildew, and one for mites (then can only give this for awhile before they get diminishing returns). I found it annoying having to go for shots every 3 wks and was always finding ways to get around going to a doctor's office. It would have been a piece of cake compared to my 3-wk schedule now.

O.k., too long already. Sara have a great time this weekend and congratulations on the good weather. Not too many of us are having it.

Eric, your social calendar makes my head spin. But congratulations on that anniversary. Hard to believe that doctor you had was so mean! Be sure to send him that card. If you forget, I'll remind you.

Stephanie, sorry about that surgery but just think, you can lay around and read or nap or watch movies or whatever without thinking you should be doing something. Oh, no that's me lol. Feel better.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning! Thanks for the info Judy. I am going to definitely consider that next year. Going in every 3 weeks for shots is definitely better than gagging constantly, and using a box of Kleenex a day.

Steph, so glad you went in to have that "mole" checked. Skin cancer can be a serious thing. Rest, take pain meds, and spoil yourself.

Sara, your weather sounds beautiful. I woke this morning because the wind is howling so loud. We live high on a bluff, and when that wind gets going, it sounds ten times worse here. We did have a tree fall yesterday, right across the road. Randy was heading out to work in his suit and tie, and had to come back and get the chain saw and cut the tree up. Our road is a private road, so you can't call the county to come and clean it up.

I feel so bad for him and the radio show today. They are outside at the homecoming football game of his alma mater, Ferris State University. They are doing the show outside and then doing a tail gate party that the University paid them to do. I'm wondering how they are keeping the fires lit with these howling winds! They are currently at 50 MPH!!!!!

Well, going to have a cleaning day today while he is out! Hoping he takes me out to dinner tonight. Not outdoors on a deck!

Judy in MI

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Good morning! So many naps yesterday that I can't sleep in today.

Thank you Judy(s) for the well wishes. Sit around, nap, read, watch movies - that's kind of what I do already! The follow up instructions say "no exercise, lifting, or bending." This is my good week so going out to play was more what I had in mind, but maybe not with this bandage on my nose. Oh, I do get to go for my scan on Thursday (yuck.) And take my Dad to his check up.

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Hi everyone. We are finally home again. We spent Sept 19 - Oct 1 at Hunting Island State Park in SC. It's a beautiful state park but it was still a little too warm and humid to suit us. And we had quite a bit of rain altho most of it came at night. Then from Oct 1 - Oct 14 we were at Edisto Beach State Park, also in SC. The weather, at first, was beautiful. Not hot and not humid. But the last few days we were there it stormed. Rain and high winds. The day before we left the sun came out and we went out on the beach and I have never seen so many shells before in my life. They were at least 6 inches deep in places and conches everywhere. We must have picked up at least 100 conches and tons of other people were picking them up too. It was amazing to see. I guess the storm washed them up on shore. Yesterday and today we've been cleaning out the motorhome and washing it and cleaning carpets, etc. I think I need a vacation to get over my vacation. lol

I hope everyone is well. It may take me a while to catch up on all the posts. I do have good news which I'll post in the good news forum.


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