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Morning All! Anxiously waiting for the man who is going to give us a quote for some landscaping. Stan did some yard clean-up (after I asked where a tool was intending to do it myself when he left). Before you give me the business guys, he leaves stuff all over the yard and house. Where he uses it, he drops it. I used to keep the yard together doing it mostly when he was away. He's not gone enough now and I don't have the energy I did have.

Ann, OMG what a BEAUTIFUL baby. I'm so glad you got her pic online for all to see. You must be over the top!

Stephanie, we are happy to hear whatever happens in our friends' days. I cannot imagine the anger and frustration at arriving at that doctor's office with your Dad and finding there is no appointment. As for your pain, I think it's just a mystery. After my chemo, I start to have sharp pains in various areas of my body. My right side now, under my left breast later, then across my back. There's a little time in between but it just leaves me puzzled--the chemo, the cancer fighting back, the post-chemo shot??? Who knows. Only good thing is they go away and move around enough to not think it's another "bad" location.

Stan is making Etouffe. I'm excited but hope it isn't too spicy. I'm still in my tongue blister phase after chemo. He leaves on Sunday though and I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to savor it before he goes.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning/afternoon,

Steph I hope you know you can always write about this life stuff too! It's what it's all about! What a rough day. I get strange pains too. For the last week I have a dull ache in my left side under my breast area. It comes and goes and I have no idea what it is. I have a scan next month, so I'm not going to worry about it yet. I understand the caregiver frustrations too for sure!

Ann, what a beautiful baby! I love the amazing softness of baby skin, their smell, just everything about them!

Alan, how fun to go to Chicago! I love that City. It's supposed to be sunny and near 60 on Sunday. I hope you get good weather. They call it the Windy City for a reason. It is. R has been Pheasant and deer hunting with no luck so far. We don't have a good Pheasant population around here. Pheasants Forever is working hard to get habitat for them, but it's happening slowly.

Well, the volunteer job at church is a subject for me. The Executive Director that did me wrong has quit. He has a opportunity in the business sector that he can't ignore. He will be leaving November 1. So I emailed the lead pastor saying that I'd be happy to come back and help out with Administration if they'd like that. He enthusiastically wrote back and copied the Admin staff saying they really need some good volunteers to help out. It's been two days and none of the staff have written me back. I'm not going to look too deeply into this and just going to keep it simple. If they want and need me, they will call. If they don't, I hope they will be polite enough to let me know that. We shall see.

Judy in MI

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Judy & Judy...thank you for the nice compliments on our sweet baby girl. She's every bit as sweet as she looks!!! E was a pretty cranky little one and J liked to sleep too much. Waking him up to nurse was always a problem. Funny, he still likes his long afternoon naps. Little Harper Grace (think they may all her both names together) isn't cranky and she's doing great with nursing.

If anyone missed the pic...please look on Monday's air...where Katie was so nice to post for me.

I cooked chicken and dumplings and took them over for dinner last night. E announced "thank you so much Nana for the dumplings. I haven't had dumplings in such a long time." E is being quite the little mommy, while J is trying to figure this whole thing out. It's a big transition for him to understand this "thing" that was in mommy's tummy now becoming this baby that gets a lot of attention. So, I tried to give more attention to E & J yesterday and I think it helped. E was only 14 months when J was born, so she feels it's natural to have a baby around. But...poor little J has been the only baby for almost 4 years now and the change isn't quite as easy for him.

We have yet another tropical system moving through today. From this morning's news, it seems that KW Judy may get a super soaking from this one. It's been raining here all day. They're only forecasting 4" of rain but the problem for us is that we got so much rain last week and still have all that water. Our county is giving out free sandbags today, so that tells you this doesn't look good. But...the good news is that it's supposed to really cool down here by the end of the week. The high on Friday is supposed to be 72 and some surrounding areas the overnight temps will drop into the 40's. I think we may be nearing time to turn off the AC and stop giving all our money to FPL!!!!

Hope everyone has a great day.


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