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Nick C

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I think I'm jealous.

I'm jealous that people love to rally around pink. I'm jealous they picked a month with 31 days. I'm jealous they don't have to deal with stigma.

At the same time I'm scared. I'm scared I've identified the wrong enemy. I'm scared that I've forgotten that at one point in my life, the pink one was the only one that REALLY affected me, and even then, it didn't affect me like "ours" has. I'm afraid that with the pink one in my family that my daughter may be affected.

At the same time, I'm annoyed. People wear pink and they think that is enough. You didn't treat, prevent or cure anything. It seems so shallow. It's an easy way for folks to feel like they did something, when they didn't.

At the same time, I feel a little unfaithful. Tomorrow my team presents to the board, and we have color coordinated our wadrobes before (it's accounting people and it isn't that exciting, so don't judge!). We decided as a team we'd do pink. One of our team members has a mother going through treatments, my mother was a breast cancer survivor and fact is, it isn't something we can bury our heads in the sand over even though we are accutely aware of the "other" big cancer. But at the same time, it just doesn't feel terribly right to me.

So tomorrow, I'm wearing pink. Is it a victimless crime to do so?

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I completely understand where you are coming from. Statistically, less women are dying from breast cancer anymore, which is actually a good thing, right?

I looked into the Kommen stuff to see how much actually goes into research, and the report I read said, sadly, only 17% of dollars raised with all the pink stuff goes to research. I don't know (and hope) that's not true.

My Mom had breast cancer too, before she passed from lung cancer. In my cancer support group there are several women surviving breast cancer. When I hear about their pain issues, I cringe. A lot of women get this horrid edema in the arm where they removed lymph nodes in the arm pit, and it's excruciating.

As I hear their stories, I am reminded that cancer sucks, no matter where it affects you.

I learned a new respect for breast cancer after seeing these women that are suffering years after their diagnoses.

But all that being said, I get to resent all the "pink" too. :-)

MI Judy

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But the really weird thing about it is that even Pink supporters are getting worried that too much is raised for things besides research and a cure and early detection! This Group is concerned that Susan G Komen is a Money raising Juggernaut and not as much about finding and researching a cure and treatment! Nick I applaud you for this one and support Ya! My little sister is a BC Survivor. :) Yeah! but MY late wife was a LC Victim! :( So I have to agree with your decision!

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Nick, I am also someone who gets irritated by all the pink. And yes, I also have mixed feelings since my niece died last year of breast cancer. I've avoid getting too involved with the cancer (general) group here until I feel physically strong enough to jump in and do something to change the perception of LC and the need for LC research. You are such a great advocate for us so go and wear your pink in peace.

Judy in KW

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I am all for pink, I am all for purple, I am all for clear.

We need to find a cure for all cancers, every one of them.

We need to find a way to get the message out for all the different varities, lung, breast, prostate, ovarian etc etc etc.

We need to get rid of stigmas. Almost all cancers can be traced back to either genetics, environment or bad habits. I smoked for many years. When I started there was no health concerns, only it wasn't very ladylike.

But you guys know I am singing to the choir.

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I was in the grocery store today and was a little shocked to actually see several rows of Pink frozen food items (I admit I was in the ice cream aisle) - last year it was pink prescription bottle lids, and downtown is festooned with so many pink ribbons that it looks like Easter. At the checkout stand I was asked not once, but twice, if I cared to donate to breast cancer research. I asked the clerk if the store was going to be collecting for lung and pancreatic cancer research next month, and she just gave me a confused look. By the time I got to the car of course I was feeling pretty small and petty. I would say that almost half of my friends either have breast cancer, are breast cancer survivors, or their sisters or mothers are. I honestly do not begrudge breast cancer even a penny of the donations they receive (assuming they are going where they are intended), and after all any new research for breast cancer may help other cancers as well. But I sure do wish breast cancer month was any other month than October. It seems all of the pink stuff sticks around through the end of November, when it is finally replaced with holiday decorations - leaving no time at all for lung or pancreatic cancer awareness.

Someone told me that the lung cancer ribbon is clear signifying, the fact that those of us with LC are invisible. If so, perhaps that is a mistake. Maybe we need a new month and a new color.

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I didn't know that - that is so much better!!

As it gets closer I will start pestering my local newspaper etc. about that -- although they haven't listened to me yet. The last time I tried to get them to do a report on lung cancer during Nov. and the lack of funding for research, the editor said they would when there was some big new breakthrough. I couldn't seem to get the point across that there may not be many big breakthroughs if there is no funding for research. :cry:

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