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It's Thursdays A I R


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Good morning! For some reason I am up early for me. That is totally fine with me. I need to run to the pharmacy, and grab lunch before heading over to Gilda's Club. I'm going to try a new support group this week. They are starting a Spiritual Support through Cancer group at 4:30. So I'm working 4 1/2 hours and then going to that group, then supper, then my normal group.

Yesterday they asked me to call a woman just dx Stage IV. She is oriental, and we had a language barrier, but with patience, and spelling words, we talked for an hour. I gave her questions to ask her doctor, and recommended medications to ask about. She is just a tiny little thing, just 5' tall and 103 pounds. I stressed to her that they will be watching her weight closely, and if she loses any, they may withdraw chemo. Advised her on some good fatty foods to eat to keep the weight on. I stressed to her that no matter what the doctors say, never lose hope. They told her she has one year to live. I explained that the statistic may be one year, but the good news is that she is a person, and person's are not statistics! It was a good thing, and she has my number to call me with other questions. Her sister is her caregiver, and I told her that she could call me too, but she said she does not speak English, so we wouldn't be able to communicate at all.

It's pouring rain, blustery, and cold again. There are still some trees with leaves, but most are bare because of the extremely high winds we've had. I'm going to bundle up with scarves, and sweaters and a heavy coat as I head out today.

Well, hope you all have a good day.

MI Judy

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Judy I truly admire all that you do. I don't know where you get the energy. Maybe that is just the few extra years I have on you talking :lol: I just run out of steam a lot faster than I did a few years ago. I guess retirement and 50 pounds can do that.

I am glad that you reminded your new friend that she is a person not a statistic and to not give up hope. While going through some of my papers before discarding some I came across some email I had in response to a post I made on another site one time about hope and how important it is. I am so glad that I kept them and glad to know that just sending out that message can do a lot for someone.

We were supposed to have a front come through last night but not sure it made it. I have my window open next to me and it doesn't feel like it is in the 40s. I am loving these beautiful fall days with temperatures in the 70s and 80s. So far this year we have had the best of weather. I am hoping that is not a sign that we will make up for it this winter.

Well I guess I will get busy with some more clean outs and then go down for our sewing session. It is just not the same without Maxine. She is the one who got me started on the plastic canvas. So many evenings when I wanted to go sit outside I always knew that even if no one else was there she would be. We will have a memorial for her Saturday. Her son has been cleaning out her apartment. I think that is another reason that I have been staying inside now that my headache is gone. I don't want to watch them take what was hers away.

Enough of this it is time to get busy. Have a great day everyone and I hope to see more posts here today.

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Thank you Lily. I don't know why others are not posting, but glad to see you here. As KW Judy has explained, it seems to ebb and flow. I hope the "flow" begins again shortly. If not? It seems that folks like you and I may not have much interest in sharing much anymore. That would be sad.

MI Judy

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