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eric byrne

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Good Evening Everyone,

Goodness me,7.30pm and no Sunday post to respond to?.Well Friday night at the Noreen Davis Hikers and Bikers was just brill,briefly,in the company of my sister Irene,to keep me in line,I enjoyed the food,music and dancing,I also won in the tombola, two ladies handbags would you believe,I also won a bottle of wine in the raffle,nothing in the bingo I am afraid.The handbags didnt match my eyes,so I passed them on to friends,my sister Irene claimed the wine.It was a real pleasure to be asked to accept a cheque to the value of over £7000,($10,500)on behalf of the category"Various Charities"the "boss" Claire also gave me a cheque for £250 to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.org as a token of recognition for the work I had done for her charity over the last two years.Work?,taking pics of so many lovely ladies,thats not work, thats my pleasure.Other cheques were given to CHAS,for terminally ill children suffering from cancer,Marie Curie,the hospice org in the UK,and last but not least Mary's Meals,for a primary School that we support in Malawi,that will feed every day for a year,more than 400 hundred children.Malawi has links with Scotland for over a century due to Dr David Livingstone.I also got my picture taken receiving the cheque by the local press,with all the other reciprocants,fame at last.I will share it with you when it is published.

Saturday,back at Irenes home,to continue with her kitchen refurb,laid some stone tiles on her floor over the underfloor heating mat we laid,to complete next Saturday.Sunday,church,then relax with the Sunday Times and TV,total contentment,see you all tomorrow.Bye.

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Nice fundraising results! Who gets the big check?

Sun is trying to be out today. Yesterday was a blustery autumn day, but warm. We saw 50/50 last night. We each cried just a little, at different times I think, and both laughed. It's really a buddy movie - a heart warmer, despite the original subject matter. The effort to set it in Seattle was the biggest flaw in the production.

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That's really nice Eric!

We had a gorgeous day here. Sunshine, low 60's. Just awesome. Went to church, read paper, clipped coupons, grocery shopped and now doing some projects outside to continue our preparation for winter. Beautiful weather for all of that.

We had a great time last night with the friends that came over for dinner. I think they and my R probably weren't feeling great this morning. They polished off four bottles of some wonderful wine. I had two glasses, and felt silly and stopped. Going to church with a hang over is not fun!

R is going to sit in a tree stand for a while this afternoon, scouting that big buck! I've got a meat loaf prepared, with two squash halves begging for butter and brown sugar to bake in the over. Yum!

I'm content too, Eric!

Mi Judy

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Took an hour walk in a local garden / park - Kubota Gardens. Really lovely fall colors. http://www.kubota.org/Garden%20images.htm

The sky was much more blue today and the colors vibrant.

There was a large wedding party wandering about doing wedding pictures - and speaking a foreign language, possibly Russian or Romanian? The younger males had on too much cologne.

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