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TV Show: What not to wear on TLC


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Right now casting for NJ and NY

Casting for TLC’s hit series What Not to Wear and they are currently looking for ladies in NYC (and NJ)who are cancer survivors and could use a fashion makeover. Their show is all about finding ladies who are dealing with style issues and providing them with a whole new wardrobe and a $5,000 shopping spree in NYC! This season they would love to feature a lady who has survived cancer because few ladies are more deserving of a brand new wardrobe.

The casting associate producer is reaching out to me because she wants to work with me to see if I know of any ladies who are survivors in NYC/NJ and might benefit from this opportunity.

The goal of their show is to SURPRISE ladies who are in need of a fashion “do-over” and whisk them away to New York City for the transformation of a lifetime and an opportunity to appear on national television. It is the ultimate fashion intervention! Nominees should appear to be between the ages of 25 and 45 and have an outgoing and fun personality. Also, she wants to stress that this is not a mean-spirited program. They are not looking to embarrass anyone. Please feel free to check out clips on-line at http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/tv/what-not-to-wear.

She is really excited about the possibility of working with me to find a woman who would really enjoy a fashion makeover in NYC.

They will only be casting in NYC for the next week so if you come across any lady who you would like to nominate for our show send the following information to me asap; kbrown@lungevity.org

Wouldn't it be great to spotlight Lung Cancer, the disease and survivorship, on a national hit TV show?

-Name of Nominee:

-Her Age:



-Marital Status:


-Home location:

-Describer her personality:

-What are her biggest style issues?

-Describe her style in full detail:

-Pictures that illustrate her style issues(must show her clothing—no costumes!)

-Nominator’s name and contact information (must be someone other than nominee):

Be sure to include photographs that display her style issues. They must be convinced by these photos!!

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I love this show - too bad they are asking for the NY / NJ area only. I've seen them work with cancer survivors before and they are much more supportive than they are typically.

I'd be a bad choice - you just can't get me out of my jeans and t-shirts, and no way am I going to start wearing makeup. Not happening.

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