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Annette Martell


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I do not know the exact details, and may Eric will be able to shed some light in the upcoming days but this is what I could find from FB. I'm so sad over this news.

Diana McCurdy Kuecker

To my facebook friends and especially those that I went to school with. I found out a couple days ago that Annette Martell, known as Annette Meek when we were in school passed away this last thursday. I dont know the circumstances but do know she had been battling cancer. R.I.P. our friend.

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I am feeling that it was not the cancer. She seemed to be doing so well and was always so busy. Please let us know when you find out more. She will sure be missed. She had such humor even in the face of so much. I do know that emotions can make you sick but come on, there has to be mroe to this.

I pray for her. RIP Annette

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I can't stop crying. She was such an amazing woman. Her sense of humor lifted me up so many times. Our talks on the phone were so touching.

I am in shock. I can't stand it.

How do we put this into perspective? We struggle with this disease. And one we love struggled with other issues that proved to be too much for her.

My heart is broken and I don't know what else to say. Annette, you are missed, you have been missed, and we will never forget you. God what I would do to change what happened.

Love you darling,

MI Judy

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This is not the Annette that Eric and I met up with.. I am sorry to have read this and am so very saddened beyond words right now. My condolences to her Family and of course all of her many friends.

My heart hurts also. she was such an energetic and positive person to have met!

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