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Morning All! Still reeling from the news of Annette's passing. She was so young. We have been missing our funny Annette here for awhile. But at least we knew she could pop in from time to time. I guess life just got too heavy for her to continue to hide her sorrow behind her amazing sense of humor.

Would probably cancel my trip up to Marathon today if I hadn't planned to visit a friend after I go to Crane's Point. Gosh, I think that's the name, anyway it's a bird sanctuary. I've never been there. I was feeling so well and then fatigue hit me hard the last couple of days. Didn't think I've been doing all that much. To make matters worse, I wound up with 3 appmts tomorrow. One for a routine heart sonogram in town, then back here for lunch with a friend (yeah), then back to town to get my teeth cleaned. Oh well, have NOTHING planned for Friday.

Now about that elephant in the room. Can't remember her name but she's a hurricane brewing southwest of us. It looks threatening but we really won't know anything until probably Friday. Hoping she skadoodles somewhere else. I had plans for help to come get my yard ready for my new landscaping plots on Saturday.

Am off to do a couple of computer chores before I leave. Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Thank you Judy for opening today,I dispaired a wee bit that nobody had the heart to pick up their writing quills and post in any more.This week has just been so sad,Annette leaving us so prematurely,the frustration,I feel anyway, of being unable to have intervened in some way to have prevented this,but what could anyone have done? .Stephanie too,disapointing feedback from her scans,I do hope the test for ALK is positive,that a new effective treatment regime can be used to treat this cancer.

Would sharing some good news be inappropriate at this time?well I am going to share with you regardless.Every year the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.org holds a rememberance service in Glasgow and Liverpool,for all those persons who have been lost to lung cancer,people are asked to nominate a person they have lost to have their name on a star which will be hung on a hugh Christmas Tree,which will then be light up during the service.As usual,the service will be held in one of the most popular and prestigious buildings in Glasgow and in Scotland,the Kelvingrove Museum and Art Galleries.The service will be held on the 11th of December,they usually have some (minor) celeb to light up the tree,this year,they have decided to change this,I am so choked with pride just now,I have been asked if I would speak at this ceremony and then switch on the lights.I have a mixture of feelings at the moment-mainly shear panic-I have never spoke before at such a well attended and posh occassion.This lung cancer journey I have been on these last three years has just been one brilliant experience after another,thank you God,please may this continue for years to come,I am having so much fun.

Judy, have a great time at the bird sanctuary,hope the hurricane passes you by and the dentist only needs to give your teeth a wee polish.

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Eric, thanks for checking in. And good news is ALWAYS welcome here. Congratulations on the speaking and tree-lighting engagement. What an honor. You have probably done more in the past year than anyone has ever done for LC awareness in Scotland. This summer you also spread some of your golddust on the USA as well.

Uncanny that I picked this day weeks ago to visit the bird sanctuary. Can't think of anything more fitting to raise my spirits today.

Judy in KW

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Good morning,

Eric, I think it's amazing that you were picked for this honor. It reflects the hard work you've done advocating for us, and I am so proud of you. I agree that this lung cancer journey has provided me with amazing experiences as well. Ones I would not trade for anything. Congrats.

I also loved what Alan added. To cry and laugh does make a full day.

Judy I love that you are going to a bird sanctuary today. It will be lovely to see their beauty and reflect. Yesterday I felt like someone shot a cannon through my heart. But we have to move on, a little bit sadder, but wiser. I think I am going to phone a friend today and go out for some shopping. It's rainy and cold here, so some retail therapy may be just the ticket.

The hurrican is Trina. I looked at the map and it's quite possible she will fizzle out before hitting the Keys. You may get rain though, which is not good for a landscaping planning day! Hope she takes a turn out to the sea.

In light of the recent tragedy with Annette, I want to be sure to wish all of you much love, hugs, laughter and tears, and all good things to happen today.

MI Judy

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