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Monday's Air

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Well thats British Summer Time finished,our clocks went back one hour,so lighter mornings,dark earlier at night.Went to visit my sister Dot yesterday,her daughter Jaqueline was there with Jack and Emma,both the kids wearing their halloween costumes,drat and I had'nt brought my camera,they both looked great,never mind Dot did and sent me some online.

I have booked two cinema tickets for 4.15pm this afternoon,mainly to avoid being at home for all the guisers touring our estate,we used to entertain the kids for years,but lost the notion after Jennifer left the home a couple of years ago.Last year we put off all the lights at the front of the house and sat in the kitchen at the back of the house,did'nt work, do you know the kids walked round my drive and knocked on my back door.The film I have bought the tickets for is called Anonymous,I love historical costume films,its about Shakespeare,a conspiracy theory claim that he didnt write all the works attributed to him,I then read a crit of the film in the Times ripping it to shreds,oh dear,maybe I should have just stayed at home and faced the guisers?.I didnt go to the gym this morning,slept in a bit later,I am staying home since I dont know at what time or even day the Evening Times is going to call me,hope they dont make it Wednesday or Thursday since I will be in Kirkcaldy and Edinburgh respectively.

I will be in Glasgow University on Saturday at 9.30am,all gowned up to witness my last two classes receive their awards,but my thoughts will drift over to Richmond at 11am,Goodbye Annette,I hope you are in heaven right now.

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Good morning all,

Eric, I think our time goes back an hour next weekend. They call it Daylight Savings Time here in the Midwest.

We don't get the kiddos here. Our home is set so far back, it'd be a huge walk to get to our front door, and there are only four homes on our road, so it's not attractive for the kids.

Went out yesterday to church, and then to breakfast. As we were reading the paper, I see that there is an Alpaca show at the arena. My eyes lit up and I looked at R and said " I want to go!!!!". So off we went. It was like a dog show only for Alpaca's. They are adorable, with huge soft eyes, majorly soft fur. And they hum!!!!! I never knew that. As we walked around petting them, I heard this soft noise. I asked the breeder what it was and she said they hum when they are happy! It was the coolest thing ever.

Well, I am starting to go back to volunteering at church again beginning today, so I'd best go and get busy! Have a good one everyone.

MI Judy

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Good morning, friends.

MI Judy...I think that is the neatest thing I have every heard of...humming alpacas. I would have loved to have been with you yesterday. I notice that you read about the show in your Sunday paper. I hate it when announcements about neat events don't show up in the newspaper until the day of the event. That happens here all of the time and it doesn't leave much room for planning. There have been times when I have read my paper later in the day and have completely missed attending an event that I would love to have gone to.

Eric...I still have to run out at lunch and buy candy for the little goblins in my neighborhood tonight. To be honest, hubby bought candy about 2 weeks ago and it's all gone...except for a few Nestle Crunch Bars, which aren't my favorite candy. The Butterfingers (my favorite) disappeared quickly. You can rest assured that I WILL NOT be buying any candy that I like, in case there is some left over. I have been packing on too many extra pounds lately and the holiday goodies aren't even in my house yet.

I spent a nice quiet birthday yesterday with my family. My sons cooked a nice brunch and I had lots of time to love and spoil the three grandbabies. What a great day it was!!!

It's been raining cats and dogs here this morning but I think it's beginning to slow down.

Hope everyone has a nice day. RIP Sweet Annette.

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Ann, I had to comment on the candy. I found a good sale, and bought five large bags of candy bars for the church trunk or treat which is tonight. I don't know where that candy bar stealing mouse was, but there were these teeny tiny little holes about the size of a finger in each of the bags. Now I didn't even know mice liked candy! :lol:

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Am going out to dinner and movie (Moneyball) with friends tonight. We all live alone and are not comfortable opening the door to masked people. Just call me a scaredy cat.

Eric, I saw Anonymous and enjoyed it. I am researching to see if any of it is true. Would love your opinion.

Judy, glad you are backing to volunteering, I know it is important to you.

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Happy belated birthday Ann!

M bought 4 bags of minis for tonight, though we may not be home till 7. He doesn't eat that stuff so I may have lots of it to snack on in the days ahead.

Saw Moneyball and enjoyed it, though I don't really like sports themed movies. My friend saw Anon and liked it (though she admitted to not following it too well as she drifted off a bit - more her life right now than the movie.)

There are some alpaca and lama farms up the road a bit - so now I know to hum as we pass! I mean, who doesn't moo as they pass cows by the side of the road?

Taking Dad back to the doc today. Fingers crossed that it goes better.

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Its only me again,

I am just home,its almost nine pm,hoping the kids have all done their rounds.Ginny despite the poor crit the Times gave Anonymous,I really enjoyed it,Vanessa Redgrave was absolutely super as Queen Elizabeth,did you know it was her daughter Joely that played the young Queen in the film.Historical accuracy?well its all hollywood,Queen Elizabeth was known as the Virgin Queen after all,there were some truths in it though,Essex did go to Ireland,and was useless as a general ,returned home a failure.I am sure Shakespeare would be turning in his grave on seeing this film.Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded by Elizabeth, her only son James became King James VII of Scotland,since Elizabeth left no heirs, James Stuart became King of England,Wales and Ireland, in the act known as the union of the crowns in 1603.A century later,in 1707 Great Britain was formed.So endth the history lesson.

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