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November 2011 Lung Cancer Awareness Month


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Yes, I agree it is a good article and read it previously since I receive the Vancouver Sun. I do wish that along with the stigma of lung cancer that the reporter had also written that many overweight people contribute to their mid life diabetes, sometimes to heart attacks... things that have been discussed many times in these forums. Yet, they don't carry the stigma of having contributed to their disease. (The last comment from someone following this article really irked me -- so typical!) It would have been great if the reporter had also mentioned that stats of former smokers who get lung cancer even after quitting for 20 or more years.

That being said, it was a very good article and I so especially admire this reporter especially in light of the fact that his wife had breast cancer. I am 95% positive that a number of years back, I read an article by this reporter about how he and his wife were coping with a breast cancer diagnosis. WOW!

Finally, in keeping with the money that goes to breast cancer, I came "face to face" with it two days in a row very recently. First, sorry for my memory, it was either in Jet Blue or Delta where if you bought some sort of food from them, proceeds or a portion were going to breast cancer. The following day, I was in Zellers, a local dept. store and was asked if I'd donate my points to breast cancer. Of course, I donated them but not before saying that there were other cancers I wish they'd collect points for.

Let's see how many places collect money for lung cancer research this month -- yes, I know I need to do my part to bring this awareness forward!


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