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Knock, knock anybody here?

11/1/11, lc awareness month begins. Is it just me or does it look like we may get more press than usual.

Eric, I love English history, especially the Tudor period. Read a lot of Phillipa Gregory books although I know she does use convenient history for her story line.

The wet, wet, wet snow we had on Saturday wrecked havoc on the trees in my neighborhood. The Bradford pears and the sugar maples were the most affected. Huge branches down all over the place. I only had one small branch come down and it landed where the trash company picks up my trash. Did they pick up my branch? Of course not.

Saw Moneyball last night. I went out to dinner with 2 other women who live a lone and don't want to answer the door to large people with masks on. Then to the movies, it was the 3 of us and 2 other people, strange to big in that big theatre with so few people. I am really looking forward to the new movie with Leonardo DiCarpio (not bad eye candy). The movie is Edgar J. (Hoover). Looks like his relationship with another man is very open in the movie.

Back to work.

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Good morning, friends.

The rain finally stopped late yesterday afternoon but I think it was just so wet and soggy that many little ones didn't get out to enjoy Trick or Treating here in central Florida. On most Halloween evenings, I am usually up and down, constantly answering the door. Last night, we only had two knocks at the door. My grandbabies didn't even make it out, as they all three have the sniffles and congestion. I'm thinking that many parents kept little ones at home because of this severe mosquito infestation we are now having. All of the rain has made the mosquitoes absolutely terrible. I can't even spend two minutes outside in the evening without being chewed up with bites.

I am so hoping that more awareness can be brought to Lung Cancer this year. Last year, I wasn't as active on FB as I am this year. I'm going to flood FB this year with LC information. How about friends??? Let's all do that!!!


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Hi Ginny,

I dont know if you've heard of Samuel Pepys,1633-1703 ? well he maintained a superb diary from 1660 until mid 1669,in it he describes daily the court of Charles11,the great plague of 1665 in London followed by the great fire of London in 1666,and many other events he was eye witness to.I have read the complete diary,but to whet your appetite Claire Tomalin wrote an introductory book of the diary called Samuel Pepys-The Unequelled Self,ISBN-0 -670-88568-1 or ISBN 0-14-028234-3.

Charles11,famous for his mistresses,Lady Castlemaine Nell Gynn etc,etc,he certainly enjoyed the high life,Samuel Pepys much the same,Samuel actually writes things about himself without shame,that we would we never even consider disclosing about yourselves,not that we would match his indiscretions.

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Pretty good day yesterday. Dad was cooperative - and well, charming to the doctor and to us. And appreciative. Dad just keeps on ticking.

Lots of rainbows yesterday. Of course that means rain, but also sunshine.

By the time it grew dark, the sky was mostly clear, a big crescent moon provided some night light, and the number of kids out in our 'hood was far more than I've ever seen! We went through 4 bags full and handed out the last of them just after 8 and turned off the lights. Typically, only the teens are out later than that anyway.

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Hello all,

It's beautiful, sunny and 59 here. So thankful for days like this. Ginny I can understand about the snow when the trees still have leaves on them. It can cause so much destruction.

Had a pot pie cooking in the oven last night when R called to say I needed to meet him at the car dealer because one of the brakes on his truck was broken. He needed it fixed immediately, and offered to take me out. So I took my home made pot pie out of the oven half baked. I'll re-bake it tonight and hope that it's not ruined. Not sure how pie dough does with food on it over night.

Well, it's time to head out.

MI Judy

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