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Taking a pass too


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Hall pass denied! Girl no one can deal with cancer and be perfect in everything they say or do. Also know that sometimes people with cancer feel offended because the cancer has offended them first. We are all in this thing together! I was offended by being diagnosed with this awful disease. I was offended when people tried to reach out to me at first. Why? Heck I don't know. Cancer just does that to you. Hall pass denied!!! You are needed here!!!


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Hi Judy,

I am really saddened to read of decision to withdraw from posting here.I have always felt I have joined a new special family of friends here,we have shared some of the highs and lows that life has thrown at us,but through it all, being here has given me so many happy times sharing with you all the things that is my life here in Scotland,and enjoying reading about your lives in the USA.

I am sorry that someone has upset you here,I suppose it is enevitable in any "family" that this will happen,gosh I know from my posts I may cross the line and cause offence to someone inadvertantly,hoping I am only rebuked and it dosnt lead to someone stopping posting in.

I do hope Judy you will reconsider,in the meantime,please accept my very best wishes for health and happiness,for the future.

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Judy, don't stop posting. If someone says you have been rude, the best thing to do is say you are very sorry if they took it that way. It was not intended. Then you can go off and lick your wounds for awhile because it is bound to hurt. Like others, I read your posts and didn't catch anything rude either. But lacking facial expression and body language, you usually don't even know you are offending. That's what makes virtual communication tricky but so worth it!

Judy in KW

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It was me.

I had tried to help with a technical issue and in response to trying to help I recevied a private message from Judy that I felt was sharp and I expressed my feelings as such.

Initially I felt hurt because I was simply trying to help and it felt like I got a rude response or that I was putting you out.

maybe things are getting misinterpreted in email and I was reading more into that message than was intended.

I apologize if letting you know how I felt makes you want to leave LCSC.

I understand leaving if you don't want to be here any longer but please don't leave because of me.

All I ever want to do is to help.



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Well..................darn it all, everyone. We all love everybody here. Judy, I SO believe that Katie either lost her mind (which I KNOW she has done more than one time since I've been here - 7 years now) OR just responded without thinking, IF it was, indeed, Katie you refer to. Or I really should say to whom you refer.

Let's begin anew, for I would truly miss you, Judy, if you were on a pass. However, Ry is the official pass giver and she did NOT issue one :) .

Love all here and need all here ~ especially today.



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Allow me to butt in please. I feel like some kind of family member. Please pardon all my missgivings too. I admire all of you deeply for every thing all of you do. We are lung cancer survivors and caregivers for cryin out loud. We are lucky to have each other when we think no one else understands. I know that my REAL family is as disfunctional as all get out. I felt so bad a few weeks ago that I deleted everything I could find. Sometimes it's hard to not "offend" or tresspass. We are all so different, but are members of this group. Some new like me, some fortunately alot longer. Aren't all families difunctional to some degree? I agree with Randy, A group hug and a restart are in order.

here's mine--(((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))))))))))))

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Mine too - ((((((((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))))))

This is the only site I belong to except for cancer grace. I know that I am not good at posting very regularly, and I do feel guilty about not doing better - but the reason this site is so important to me is that everyone seems to truly care about everyone else - even through good days and bad. I never come here without feeling better when I leave. Like Alan - I can't always say the same for my "real" family.

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As Suze orman says -- DE-NIED. Listen to the hall monitor or you'll be in the Principals's office. Not the first time things have gotten testy around here and it won't be the last. Believe me -- we've had rude here and you ain't it.

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