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Saturday's air


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Sense I have been MIA for a few days I decided to open the air this morning. Nice cool and cloudy morning. I must say I don't mind it at all but it does make me lazy in the morning. Slept til 8 a few days ago and almost to 8 this morning.

I have been trying to catch up on a few things before I leave at the end of the month. I mailed two baby blankets that I made for my granddaughter so I won't have to squeeze them into my suit case. I am going to try to get by with just two small suitcases instead of a big one and a small one. I don't have to handle them a lot but a couple of times and it is just getting too hard. I always take too much anyway so time to cut back.

Judy MI I am sorry that so much sadness has taken over your Gilda's club. It is heartbreaking to learn that anyone is dying but someone so young having to face it and try to explain to her children just makes me cry. I pray everyday for a cure so that will not continue happening.

Judy KW I hope that the chemo does not get you down too bad this time. Most of all I pray that it keeps you safe and with us for a very long time. Hope you get your yard fixed the way you want it. It is always so nice to see something you love nice and neat.

Hi to everyone else. Katie and Bud and all of you doing the DFW walk I hope it is the biggest success ever this year.

Well I guess I will get off of here and call my neighbor. We may go for Chinese today. I am also thinking about going to a movie. I still haven't seen Moneyball and have been looking forward to seeing it. Thanks Ginny for letting us know that it is a good movie. I love baseball and of coarse Oakland is one I try to keep up with but to me none compare to the SF Giants.

Have a great day eveyone.

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Good Afternoon All,

Beautiful day here in Scotland,I was up and out early this morning,off to Glasgow Uni,a really splendid occassion and meeting up with my former students,their parents and relatives.Sadly that was be my last graduation I will attend,my former depute did encourage me to continue to attend as I would always be a welcomed guest.

Well one leaky roof repaired yesterday,new lead flashing fixed to the base of my chimney,hopefully problem now solved,just a new back door next week and I will be as snug as a bug in a rug for winter coming.

I am going out this evening to Molly Malones in Glasgow,to see my friends in the Lee Morgan Band perform,Sally was going to accompany me but has managed to become indisposed during my time out this morning,never mind I will have a enjoyable evening,the band are wanting to hear all about my USA trip,another opertunity to bore the pants off some people.

Hi Lillian,I so enjoy reading what you get up to,OK I give in,something I must have missed in a previous post,where are you jaunting off to?hope you have a great night out MAM(meal and movie)I did that last monday,its fun.

Tonight is Guy Fawkes bonfire night,celebrated with fireworks and him being burnt in effigy,if he only attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament containing the MP's he would have got a medal from the public,just like today,but he had included King James 1 in his plot,definately a political misjudgement,so they had him hung,drawn and quartered,ah the good old days.

Have a great weekend everyone,special good night to Annette,Bye.

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Afternoon All! It has been a glorious Fall day in KW--morning in the 60's, afternoon the 70's. We had our young man come and help get things ready for the relandscaper. Yes, I'm anxious Lily but have to get him to return my call first lol. Now at least I can leave a message that I'm all ready and need a start date.

Judy, sorry about the pain. Hope you're better by the follow-up or they can give you something so you can rest. Here's hoping that little bugger they've seen doesn't light up.

Eric, why do I think you'll be attending more graduations lol. Glad you enjoyed this one. And being ready for winter is a good thing. You never know when it's coming rolling in anymore. Enjoy your night out.

I don't have the energy for a Sat. night out but am pleasantly fatigued. Two days after chemo and I went out to show the boy (and Stan) what I'd gotten started for the landscaping. Had to back out then because the poor lad didn't need two bosses. Had to sneak back in a couple of times so everything got done but spent most of my time in the orchid room. All in all a great time.

Have a terrific evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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Just a quick note. Eric I go to Louisiana every year to spend the holidays with my children and grandchildren. This year I am leaving early so I will be there when my grandson graduates from college on the 10th and stay until my granddaughter has her baby sometime around the middle of January. I love to go but needless to say after 2 months I am missing my home and routine. Nothing to make you appreciate all of your own things than to be away from them for 2 months.

Got to run my neighbor is ready to go eat and so am I. No breakfast this morning to leave room for chinese.

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Katie -

I would love to come to Hope Summit - am sorry I missed this past one. I grew up in Bethesda MD - and spent more than a couple weekends down around Dupont Cir joining various 60's marches. I haven't been back to DC since 1973, and along with attending the Summit, it sure would have been fun to see DC today.

I will sure do my best to be there this year. Will look forward to hearing exactly where and when.


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