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Good morning!

It's a cloudy morning here in DFW...I've got plans again to setup a display and do early registration and tshirt pick up for the walk, yesterday we had an awareness day at a resturant--so this is another weekend I'm working.

I learned last week that I have 18 days accumulated from vaca, sick time and comp/travel time that I could have taken that I will loose on December 31. It's been such a whirwind and busy year....I'm going to remind myself to take some time off next year so I don't lose my days!

I'm looking forward to DFW's event next week, and especially to the day after when I can take a deep breath and all our 21 events this month will be complete.

Thank you foryour patience with me during events season.

In about a week and a half, we'll be back here full force, updating and posting and cleaning up the site.

There are some amazing video releases I'm posting next week along with the release of a new resource I've been working on for about 6 months....stay tuned!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend.



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Good Evening Everyone,

Another beautiful day here today,its certainly great to wake up to in the morning.Special day at ABC this morning,big turnout with the congregation,our young minister Ross (31) returned to delivered his first sermon since he was dxd with a brain tumour 7 months ago,it was such a pleasure for me to see him deliver his sermon so well,he was so full of life and happy,makes you feel a bit humble and more appreciative of my life with cancer.

Saturday night at Molly Malones was so enjoyable,the band were great,and they did spend some time with me,they have now designated me as their No 1 fan.Ann even said to me if I was organising a lung cancer charity event,the Morgan Lee Band would appear free of charge,does that not bring a lump to your throat?.They are appearing next Saturday at the Bon Accord so I will be there,they are also having a special Christmas night which will include a section of singing carols,I might even get a chance to sing along with them?

I went to my sister Dots today,she invited Sally and I to stay for dinner,unfortunately I did a solo, since Sally is still indisposed today again.

Evening Times phoned for me on Friday,missed them again,they left their number,so I will return their call to-morrow,Sally took their message and thinks they want to visit my home,gulp what if Sally is still indisposed tomorrow?Would putting her in the garage be acceptable?just for the time they are here?

Hi KatieB,You sure know how to keep busy,hope to can manage to claim back some holiday entitlement before the expirey date.I am looking forward to seeing your videos next week-and a "New Resource"oh I love surprises.

Hi Stephanie,eeny meenie minie mo, which of the two parties did you go?whatever, hope you and M, had a great time(that sounds really James Bond dosnt it?)Good night everyone,hope you all had a great weekend.

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