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Monday's (early morning) air


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It's Monday. It's late (early) and I need to head to bed. Figured I could get in here and open up the air while the rest of the world is sleeping...nothing like a light autumn breeze to aid in the slumber.

Ahhh, the tyranny of boss-who's-too-big-for-her-britches in an employers' economy. Yep, that's all I can say about getting paid minimum wage for a job I have decades of experience in. Nicest thing I can say, since I haven't been PAID yet and should have been. Minimum wage and she still can't remember to sign a pay check that is less than her mileage reimbursement for the month. Nice.

...and now, to bed. The day is short when eight hours are spent working and four are spent searching for another job. Hell, can't find anything that pays less, so why not?

The bright side? Loving hubby and son. Always the silver lining and big reasons to get up in the morning. Good night, I'll be back up in less than six short hours!

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Becky, Becky, Becky--soooo glad to see you onboard. My energy level has been up so I'm busy and am on FB hardly at all.

So sorry the job (and pay when you get it) is so sucky. Happy you can find joy in husband and child. I've worked for dumb-#S@% bosses and it's bad. Once out there though, something else might pop up for you. Keep the faith.

Stephanie, hope you enjoyed your party whichever you chose last night. I'm focused on that latte. Plan to go to town and get one tomorrow.

Stan went out very cranky to see if he could get someone to do his blood-work and xray to investigate his hip problem. No call-back from the Health Dept where his doctor sent him. Hope he has better luck in person--there or at the hospital.

Eric, I shall live vicariously through you. Too bad but I remember when I was that person barreling through life lol. Have to remember how much younger you are than I.

Had a moment this morning when I printed an email from my accountant and thought it was another "pages" long one. No, it was original messages included so hope she's pretty much done with me.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Becky - so sorry about your boss. I also had a boss who couldn't "remember" to sign my check. Why are some people just such jerks?? Fortunately for me the times were better then and I didn't have to stick around too long. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that you find a better job soon!

JudyKW, I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better and have more energy.

I just hate Mondays! I am so far behind on everything at this point, I decided it was better to do nothing at all today rather than to stress out over what I should tackle first. I have a feeling this is going to backfire on me tomorrow - but will worry about that then!

I also played hookey on Friday. I have an old friend who lives about 3 hours away, so we occasionally pick some place halfway and meet for the day. We try to pick a spot with interesting stores, and a few good restaurants and we just eat, drink and shop our way through the day :) Halfway through lunch, it occurred to me that this was the anniversary of my most recent LC dx. I really didn't expect to still be here when I started this 2nd journey - but even better is that I had completely forgotten about this stupid disease for awhile!!

Finally some signs of winter. The trees have been so pretty this year. Normally we don't get lots of color like the east coast does -- usually some big rainstorm comes through and knocks all the leaves off before you can enjoy them. But this year we've had cool nights and warmer days - and the leaves are just gorgeous. It is finally getting colder, which is good because now I can just put all the summer stuff away and go with the sweaters.

Well I've rattled on long enough - I hope everyone is having a great Monday.


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We went to one party - 50th b-day party for someone I've known since he was 25. Just figured that out. Mostly ate and chatted with old friends.

Diane - we're having some pretty spectacular color in the trees here as well. Like they are lit from within.

Hi Becky!

A bit gray out there this morning. Shine A Light (LCA) event tonight. I'm going as a warm body - the event does not seem to have drawn a lot of registrations.

Hey - I see Oprah.com has finally acknowledged Lung Cancer in young women - a video was posted, co-sponsored by LungCancerLeaders I think (another new organization.)

http://www.oprah.com/health/nonsmoker-r ... ncer-video

There is a little more info if you search "lung".

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Stephanie - thanks for pointing out the link on Oprah.com. It is about time! When I was first dx in 1998, and read that Oprah had refused to do a show about lung cancer (in particular about the growing number of women and lung cancer), saying that wasn't the type of show she was interested in doing - I never watched her show again (still haven't to this day). Better late than never I suppose.

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got home from work to the daily paperwork !Spent an hour making sure mom has her coverage right and her Prescriptions covered. Time for letter writing for other issues! Never ending battle with that stuff it seems now!

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They have a focus on neversmoking women and quitting smoking. Odd.

They may be on to something! Think in the political vein of doublespeak - if only those never-smoking women would just QUIT SMOKING, LC would go away forever... Vote for me! :roll:

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Good afternoon. Beautiful cool brisk day here today. Just a light breeze and temps in high 50s. I haven't been out sense Saturday but from what I can see there wasn't enough rain to ruin the colored leaves. I am glad I like for them to last for a while.

I was pretty busy for a few days booking my trip to Louisiana and doing my monthly shopping. Saturday I made two trips to the store. In the morning I took one neighbor and then I took another neighbor with me to have Chinese then took her shopping. Yesterday was phone my kids and laundry day.

It has been quiet today. I went to have coffee with some neighbors then came home. I have been cutting out pieces for a couple more gingerbread houses. I am trying to get the last 4 for my grandchidren made but I think it will take a while. My shoulder and arm just don't want me to spend so much time on my sewing anymore.

You know I just don't understand why people don't wake up and see what is happening with lung cancer. It's almost as if they are afraid that if they acknowledge it they will some how get contaminated. :cry: As for the smoking thing. I think that is part of it but I think too that they are using that as an excuse to not get envolved. You would think by now they would see that as the number of smoke free areas have increased the cases of lung cancer have still increased. If it was only smoking those numbers should be going down by now.

I try to tell eveyone or I should say educate everyone but I always get the same comment about if they just wouldn't smoke. It goes in one ear and out the other. Until it hits close to home they will never admit that others get lung cancer and that there has to be other reasons.

I guess I should get off of my soap box. I just get so tired of that attitude.

You have been posting some great things Katie. Maybe putting a face on lung cancer will make people wake up and take notice.

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