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Financial Aid for treatment

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My mother-in-law is currently paying out of pocket for her chemo and radiation therapy. She is in the 'donut hole' with medicare. She is at the poverty level, living only on Social Security. Is there any financial aid for her out there?

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Many hospitals with cancer centers have oncology social workers who specialize in helping patients with financial aspects of treatment. The American Cancer Society also has cancer navigators who are able to help. There are quite a few foundations that help when insurance doesn't cover costs that are not affordable - with need based qualifications.

The records show that lung cancer is one of the quickest way to bankruptcy, but if you have someone in your corner, it usually is manageable.

Chemo and radiation are in-patient procedures and not usually subject to the donut hole, from what I know (I am not on Medicare.) I think that should only apply for pharmaceuticals - drugs as an outpatient. Those can get expensive, but many manufacturers offer financial assistance for patients.

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