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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! Had to check my computer calendar to figure out if it was Tue or Wed lol. I knew an hr ago but my rentention is shot to h#$l.

What can I say, a lovely day on the Air yesterday and I enjoyed a phone talk with Becky last night and a email from our friend Bruce this morning as well as a reply message from Janet. I'm feeling so many hugs all around.

Mike, I am so sorry for your family's losses. You may know my family has suffered similar losses last year. Losing your sister is tragic. But to lose your son, I wonder from day to day how my sister deals with losing her daughter and husband. It never seems fair for a family to get hit so hard. I'll understand if you are not here for lengths of time. Hope you get settled in a cosy little home soon. I so enjoyed you coming back and tucking us in and turning off the lights. (((HUGS)))

Bud, hope your cold is short lived. I'm sure you can't stay off the bike, but my trainer years ago said it's not good to exercise through an illness. Fresh tomatoes in November--Bud and Diane and Stephanie, how fab is that. But the summer wasn't all that, was it! Lily, hope you have a great time with your family.

Feel like I could go on forever but this is getting a little long. I'm settling in and doing little today. Stan wants to go to the boat races in our boat this week. Haven't done it in years and want to be at my best.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Officially, I am beyond halfway through the week, a definite plus. I have also found out that the boss will be out of the office on Friday, another big AMEN moment! She will, however, be in early so I have to make sure I'm in on time to unlock and turn on the lights..

Looking forward to another weekend of deer season prep. Last weekend, we headed out to the pumpkin fields and picked up some pumpkins for bait. The guys and I loaded them into the back of the pick-up and hauled 'em out by the deer blind where we began chucking them in all different directions and smashing quite a few of them. The boy noted with the first one to be smashed, "YUCK! That smells like a fart!"

After that, we took some time to sight in the rifles. Hoping hubby can fill the tags he has purchased and take some of the strain off the grocery budget. (I swear, I had to pick up a few things last night and thought that many things had increased a buck or two - like laundry detergent!)

Good ol' redneck fun.

Yep, spoke with Judy last night on my way home from work, a dark and rainy night (and no, Eddie Rabbitt, I do NOT love a rainy night). Does anyone else remember when the paint used on roads actually reflected and could be seen on a rainy night? Seriously.

Back to the salt mines, gotta earn that daily dollar!

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Becky, I never really participated in the pre-deer hunting ritual. But this year in NJ Stan and my nephew went and dumped apples in a deer habitat. After that we all took a ride through the woods so he could show Stan the range in which he hunts.

I've been meaning to google how long Key deer gestate. I know about when they were crazy rutting and would love to see the teenie tiny deer shortly after they are born. It's not difficult to go where they congregate here in Big Pine. Oh, but no hunting, they are endangered. Like even the full-grown ones would have any meat on them anyway!

Judy in KW

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Having a slow morning so I decided to peruse some unread posts. Becky, this one perked my eyes because my man has been sitting in a tree with his crossbow for a couple weeks now. The only thing he's shot is lots of pictures with his cell phone! LOL. I think the older he gets, the less he wants the work after the hunt, and just enjoys quiet time in the woods with Mother Nature.

Ginny, loved your comment. It was very nice talking to you yesterday.

MI Judy

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