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May I give you hope


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10 years ago I had the most timely dose of pneumonia, because of this small cell lung cancer was discovered on the first xray and the tests began. I won't bore you with those details -- you all are familar with them!

The night before Thanksgiving I was sent home with appointments set for the next week and a boat load of very strong drugs to ease the pain.

So began my journey through the haze and exhaustion, but a PET scan 6 months later was NED, and now it's 10 years later and lung cancer seems so long ago. Not so long as to be forgotten but way back in my memories.

My wish is for every one of us to have hope and maybe this will be your inspiration.


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Hi Geri,

Its my pleasure to be first to reply to your post,you know we have had our share of sad posts recently,how absolutely wonderful to receive your news of 10 years survivorship.May your success continue for years to come,and may all of us here share similar success.

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Geri, congratulations on 10! You know you are one of my favorite inspirational survivors. Hope you don't mind me quoting from your signature. It's one of my favorites:

I'm still on the green side of the sod but now as the bionic woman and my future is still as long as it would have been before lc..........expiration date unknown (or long as I remember to change my batteries) !

Hope life is treating you well.

Judy in KW

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