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Saturday's Air


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Morning All! Beautiful day again but I woke up cold around 1 am. Got a blanket but didn't sleep again for at least another hour. Consequently up a little late.

Have to pick what day to go to the races in our boat. Looks like wind both days so I'm opting for tomorrow. I'm really more than a little beat after a busy week. Stan's ticking of his to do list. I need to make one. Thanksgiving will be here before we know it.

Maybe if I find any energy, I'll go out in my orchid room and try to confine myself to grooming plants. I do have a couple of things to pot though. Got a couple of orchid boxes to replace and two little Christmas Cactus to pot. They have been in plastic with a little dirt since Wendy offered them for adoption. Don't remember saying yes but got them anyway lol.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It's 51 degrees outside right not. Forecast high is 77, but it's supposed to get really windy. Rose and I will be leaving for the walk in about a half hour.

I rode to work the first 4 days this week, but as bad as my cold has gotten, I drove yesterday. I'll probably just vegetate around the house the rest of the weekend after the walk. This is the second year in a row that I've come down with a terrible cold that came on slowly and started three days after I got the flu shot. It was the only cold I had last year. I may have to reconsider that flu shot next year.

Mike, sorry to hear of all you're going through this year. We did the downsize thing ourselves a couple of years ago. We're enjoying our smaller place and not having a mortgage payment sure is nice.

Time for me to get ready to go. Have a great day, all!

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Good morning. I thought that I should pop in for a minute. I have been pretty busy getting some things caught up before my trip. I will be leaving in about 2 and a half weeks.

I have been trying to stay off of my feet as much as possible for a few days. Each time I go to the doctor she finds that my toe is still too red then she starts removing the dead tissue. By the time she is finished I am in pain again. Due to go again Wednesday. She gave me antibiotics but I really don't think it is infected. I just think that the medication that I was appearantly allergic to and the gout that I am so afraid will flare up if she keeps fooling with it, are causing the redness. We I get up in the morning most of the redness is gone and there is no pain. As the day wears on the redness comes back and so does the pain. I just hope today it will stay better. So tired of fooling with this.

Judy KW sounds like you had a great day yesterday. I am so happy for you.

Eric I am so sorry that Sally has let you and herself down again. I wish I knew the answer for you but that is an age old problem that seems to have no real answers. What you do each day while carring such a personal burdon besides you own LC history speaks volums for anyone who wants to learn what hope and determination can do. Your govenment like ours or any government need to realize that a significant number of people are dying for lack of attention from too many people. They need to know that yes stopping smoking is important but if that were the only solution why is lung cancer growing instead of deminishing as the number of smokers decreases and the number of smoke free places increase? I think I would ask them if it were any other epidemic wouldn't they be searching frantically for a cure?

Becky my son goes deer hunting every year. They have a lease up in the northern part of Louisiana. In fact I think he is going this weekend. There are places around where they live that make tamales from the deer meat mixed with pork. Everyone swears they are the best but I have never gotten past the Bambi syndrome. I don't eat anything wild. I did try a piece of the wild pig he cooked but really didn't like it. Maybe it is just the idea but I will stick to pork that is farm raised and beef when I can afford to do more than walk down the grocery isle and smell it. :lol:

Yesterday I made a chicken salad that I found in my Weight Watchers cook book. I have made it several times and really can't believe how good it is. Everytime I make it I share it with some of my friends. It is always a big hit. I think today I will make some bread. I haven't made any yet this year. We have our Wii bowling tonight and one of my neighbors is 92 and loves my home made bread. I will be gone for 2 months and with her age and the way I have lost so many neighbors this year I don't want to wait until I get back. She is a very special lady and good friend.

Well time to hit the shower and soak my foot then see about putting that bread on. Take care and have a great weekend everyone. I know I missed many of you but my mind is already in the kitchen.

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Bud, didn't I tell you not to ride through that cold lol. Yes, if I were you I'd reconsider that shot next year. I never believed people got sick from them but it sounds like two coincidences too many to risk it. My PCP last year told me not to get the flu shot. Didn't ask why. Just one more medical thing I don't have to do.

Lily, sounds like you're getting it together for your trip. Hope that foot gets better for you. Yum, homemade bread. Wish I were your neighbor today!

Was putting new music in my ipod--I do love it. Remembered I wanted to tell you all that Stan and I watched the CMA Awards on tape the other night and Martina McBride sang a beautiful song of hope about cancer: I'll love you through it. Check it out. I'm sure it's on YouTube.

No orchid room today. I've been picking up clutter when I have energy. I have to admit, I occasionally lapse into a teenager mode and drape clothes on stuff around the room instead of hanging them up. I'm down now but if I get a second wind, I'll go start putting things to rights in my lower level screen room. My mums look so pretty, I want to tidy the room up.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hello. It was 30 degrees when I walked the Dogs this am but nice cause the sun was shining. The last of the leaves are falling down so raking will stop soon. The weather man is cheering us up by telling us last year we had 8 inches of snow on the ground at this time. A few flakes fell this past week but nothing stuck to the ground.

My family in Massachusetts had to shovel heavy wet snow with that storm they had back east. They had no power for 4 days and had to cut up a tree that fell in the front yard.

Nothing that exciting up here.

Hope all are well.

I am coming up on my 14th year since diagnosis on 12/3. Still keeping NED for a friend

Donna G

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Hi all,

Had a busy day cleaning the house. Then caught R trying to do something that has me very upset. He wanted the old LP gas tank to get to 10% so we wouldn't be charged $150 to pick the tank up. In the meantime, I got the new LP tank there. Well he didn't check it and it got too low, and he's leaving for deer camp tomorrow morning.

So he decided to hook up the new tank himself rather than wait for the LP company to come out. They are scheduled for Friday and he knew I'd run out of gas before then. So he just did it! He tried to hide it from me, but when I took a shower and the water was cold, he was found out.

I am freaking out. This is a giant tank of LP gas and I don't know anything about it. He showed me what he did and it seems simple, but isn't that why we have experts to do this stuff to make sure it's done safely and correctly?

I think I'm going to place an emergency call tomorrow after he leaves and ask them to come out and check his work.

If you don't hear from me again, he did it wrong and we blew up in the night.


MI Judy

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Wet, wet, wet.

Amazing evening sky yesterday with a lavender colored sky in one direction, dark clouds in another, sunshine in another. What with the brilliant colors of the leaves that remain on the trees and clutter the yard and sidewalks, it was quite a sight.

Errands this morning. Getting ready to leave town Tuesday.

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