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Morning All! Must be running out of steam. Sleeping well but still dragging when I get up. Stan and I have been going at it full-bore for Thanksgiving. Me thinks it's time to slow down.

I would like to get one thing straight lol. I grew up on a farm and loved the calves. My uncle wouldn't let us girls in the barn when it was a male. They went away on the truck. I think now they were raised for veal. I'm pretty certain baby cows are too small to butcher for mere beef. The female calves were kept to add to the milking herd so I DON'T EAT VEAL OR BABY COWS lol. As far as beef and venison and pork, growing up on the farm you learn to eat what you have. My husband's venison is awesome. It was o.k. in NJ and terrible in PA but he and the guys in Ohio know how to do it. I didn't used to like the hamburger but now even that is good. If something isn't quite to their liking, they try something a little different. Lots of old and young guys in that area with info they are willing to share. And as far as the food budget, you can't beat it. The man is going to play anyway lol.

Got to work in the computer and will do laundry since it's close by so off to the saltmines. Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning!

Today we have a guy coming over to give us a bid on Geo-Thermal heating for the house. The system is expensive to install, but the government gives you a 30% rebate after wards for energy efficiency. And the return on the investment is just two years. We would go from paying $4000.00 a year for LP gas and who knows what for electric for Air conditioning, to about $1000.00. Huge difference.

Lily, I read your last post last night. We buy the pre-cooked chickens too. They are actually cheaper than the frozen ones and already cooked. I have an idea for you. We take them and de-bone them. We seal the shredded chicken into meal size bags and freeze them. When I want to make a casserole, or chicken salad, it thaws fast and is a way to make a quick meal.

Still hacking away, but it seems to be getting a bit better. Nice to have such a sore nose and now I have a red bump under it and it hurts like hell to blow it. Geez. This life is just plain not easy.

R finally called me last night to tell me there is zero cell service where they are. I explained about the WiFi card and I need his help and he said he'd call back today to get the info. The card is working right now, so I'm not too frantic. He said they were going to shoot some ducks this morning, and then he'd call.

Deer hunting, fishing for trout in the river, and deer hunting....add in some drinking and you've got man heaven. LOL.

MI Judy

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Well late afternoon,what time does evening start anyway?.Quiet weekend,Saturday mens breakfast went well,I could'nt be bothered going into Glasgow to see the Morgan Lee band at night,just relaxed watching TV.Sunday at ABC Remembrance service,its really a lovely occassion although sad thinking about those who have given and are still giving their lives not forgetting those who return maimed for the rest of their lives.

Well I have put in some time writing my speech for the Scottish Assembly tomorrow in Edinburgh.Roy Castle sent me today the copy of the document thats also being presented-Variations in Lung Cancer in Scotland.It really is a depessing read,the good news is the document is not set out to criticize or point fingers,its more about making positive recommendations for improvements by Goverment.These recommendations are so well thought out I am so pleased to be included in its tranfer into the hands of the MSPs hands.I just hope they can put the recommendations into practice,thats the hard bit.

Gosh lots of you out hunting deer,as a townie through and though,the only meat I know is prepacked on a supermarket shelf,think I would have to starve rather than shoot something,as for butchering the animal oh boy where's the sick bucket,oh I am so squemish.JudyMI,I think Randy would think of me as such a wimp.

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Judy, good luck on the new heating system. Sounds like a worthwhile investment. When are you due back for a follow-up with the doctor? Sounds like you are still having a rough time of it.

Eric, there is room for all sorts of men in our world. You don't all need to be hunters. If you all were, we'd have no Bambi's left at all lol. I'm sure you'll breeze through that speech. My goodness, you've had enough experience the last year or so. You know we are all so proud of your efforts and wish you were advocating here with all your charm and energy.

Back to the grindstone. I'm only here because I'm back in the office lol.

Judy in KW

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Very much a Monday - I posted something today at lunch and then blasted it to the stratosphere. Bummer!

Off to bed, tomorrow is another day to screw up in. I'm sure that there will be problems with so very many things I just don't comprehend - like how to open an envelope, staple a page, and file paperwork standing upright in the folders so the tabs cannot be read. (Her demand, since I can't be trusted to file appropriately, I am punished with a handicap of not being able to read the files. If there were ANYTHING else available, I'd tell her where to go in a heart beat!)

Whatever. Another day, another dollar.

Later, taters!

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