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Welcome to Redneckville! First day of firearms deer season and the woods are full of volleys and echos. The drive to work should be an experience. Hoping the first few shots scared the critters into hiding instead of flushing them out into the road...

I don't wanna go to work. I'm tired. The only saving grace is that I know the boss won't be in until around 10, so I have a little bit of time to do the job without the constant nagging. Amazing how much I can do when she's not around to ride my butt...

Okay, Judy, step in here any time now, I've opened, you just need to pop in and have your say!

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Morning All! Becky before I even saw your opening I copied this to quote from yesterday:

I'm sure that there will be problems with so very many things I just don't comprehend - like how to open an envelope, staple a page, and file paperwork standing upright in the folders so the tabs cannot be read.
LOL I won't worry about you at this dreadful job unless you lose your sense of humor.

My poor baby is stuck here for the opening of deer season and he can't hunt Key deer, that's for sure. Not only does he still have a hip problem but the kids are coming from Orlando for Thanksgiving. I'm sure he'll be off for Ohio Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend as they are leaving that day too. He'll be in the stand come hell or high water.

I'm on my way to town. Little shopping at the grocery for special things for the kids. Dominick's cereal choice is "Fruity Pebbles please," his response on FB. Don't ya love it. The other two are staying in a condo on one of the base facilities so I'm sure they'll have breakfast before they get here. Their parents are very slow moving. So yogurt and Li'l Bites for them and Cool Ranch Doritos for all. Dominick will expect PopPop to fit in one dinner of venison tenderloins, his favorite.

Hope your boss calls in sick Becky. Hope to see more of you others when I check in later.

Judy in KW

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Good morning friends!

It was an interesting ride into "work" this morning. The dense fog was a challenge, and knowing that there are tons of folks in the woods shooting at deer made me leery. If one was on the side of the road, I've have never known it. Just thankful no bambi's jumped out. The fog is gone now, so the ride home won't be stressed. Other than the fact that deer are running big time right now!

Becky, loved the humor about your job and your boss. Sounds like you better find humor girl!

I've enjoyed the last couple days of solitude. Had left over pizza Sunday night. That would have never worked if he was home. Last night I heated up those Bob Evans garlic mashed potatoes, and some Hormel bourbon beef tips to put on top of it. Yum! He's heading home at dark tonight, so I can have more junk tonight. Maybe Kentucky Fried Chicken? Hmmmmm.

Judy, cute about Dominic sending you his food requests on facebook.

Well, I need to get to work so I'll check in later!

MI Judy

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My screw ups for the day, so far (and this is from 10:00 - 12:00, just two hours). I can't take a phone message and milk every bit of information out of a potential client. I got a name, a phone number, opposing party name, did a conflict check and got the "whole story" from the caller, but I did not quiz him on where he had heard of the firm. It would have been hard, though, since her cheap phone hung up on him when I tried to "un-hold" him... Called back and had to leave a message on his voice mail, haven't heard back yet.

I also do not know how to make double-side copies (total BS, I'm a pro, have even worked in a job where I formatted reports, bindered them and sent them on to the clients in record time) - but I was given a tutorial while a client was waiting on her. Seriously, and she billed the client for that time, as well!

I wonder why she hired me if I'm not competent to even make copies...

If I could ONLY find something else, ANYTHING else. Cripes, it can't pay any less!

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Becky, I am so happy to be here to let you vent. I don't know what I'd do without our "readers" when I have to vent. If you need practice, I have a copy machine lol.

Judy, I don't miss the fog here. It could be awful when we lived in NJ and in PA. Glad you made it home safe.

My today was just fabulous and all it took was smiles and chatting up strangers lol. I was in a great mood, shopping by myself and leisurely strolling Pier One. Haven't been there in years. It was one of my friend Jim and I's favorite haunts that I avoided after he died. We'd watch what each other liked around the holidays and go back and buy it for the other for Xmas. Jim liked the store so much that he'd often be fishing through his fanny pack pulling out gift cards people gave him. The shopping ended with buying a pillow in his honor. Stan used to holler when I was on the phone with Jim that he was going to send him some of the pillows I brought home lol. Then I had a chat with a clerk from New Hamshire who lost her sister to a rare form of LC last year. She'd had breast cancer twice, both primaries, and then the lung cancer. She went to prominent centers in several states but finally succumbed after about a year. She ended the talk remarking how the family in NH gathered around the daughter who lost Mom and Dad within 3 yrs.

On to the liquor store where I got a great deal on a bottle of Bailey's and CVS where I used my $5.50 bonus cash or something lol. The grocery store and more fun with people. The lady who checked out ahead of me walked away and came back and wished me a Happy Thanksgiving with my grandkids. So nice!

I think there are some people around town going home and telling their families, there was this crazy little lady in the store today....

Judy in KW

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