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Is it Nap Time Yet?????


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Has anyone else had this happen? I am sitting at my desk working away and all of the sudden it is like someone flipped a switch and I can hardly keep my eyes open! Happens every day about 1pm and I have tried to track what I have done prior to that but each day has been different. Guess my internal clock thinks 1pm is nap time, lol. Now if I could just get my boss to agree?? Hmmm, wonder if I could skip lunch for a nap??

God Bless,


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I think 1:00P is a WONDERFUL time for a nap - that's about when MY nap clock clicks on... Guess it's time to move sous of de border so afternoon siestas are the norm...

Like that new Alan Jackson/Jimmy Buffet song "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere", I'm SURE it's naptime SOMEWHERE and that we should all celebrate the time!


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ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ... Huh? Whassat? Oh, nap time ... ok ... ZZZZZZZZZZZ. :)

Actualy it DOES happen to me. Usually later in the day (around 3 or 4pm). Doesn't seem to be hooked to the amount of sleep I got the night before or what I ate during the day or anything. The one thing nice about NOT working is I don't have to fight my way through it. Get sleepy? Go to sleep. Simple. :)


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I'm all for naps! Lucie is more "napful" since her diagnosis and treatments. However, I am not the cancer patient and I like to nap, too. I know being the caregiver has worn me out, so that partly explains it, but it is probably also my age. Heck, I don't care why, I just enjoy taking a nap! And, we have a Beagle who loves to curl up with us! Here's to naptime! I suddently feel my eyelids drooping! ZZZZZZ! Don

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