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Morning All! Guess we are definitely on count-down to Thanksgiving. I'm ready for it to be here. I'm running out of steam so am trying to sit tight a bit each day. I still have to get through chemo on Tuesday.

Stan's decided to get the young man who helped with the yard work back on Saturday. His hip isn't fully mended yet so he could use help. He has this thing about blowing leaves. I don't think we have enough to even bother but....My main thing is after the leaves are blown, they wash down the porch and porch furniture. Hope I don't wipe myself out running around in front of them keeping them from wetting things that shouldn't be lol.

Lily, thanks for the lovely good-byes and prayers that we surely need. Hope you have a wonderful visit with family and don't get too homesick. I know the feeling after a month or so away. I miss my home too.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hi you guys, haven't posted much lately. Don't know why. Been in kind of a funk. Got cheered up some by having my port removed. Now, the only reminder is that nueropathy. Ok, then there's the upcoming scans. See what I mean? Lilly, thanks for the kind thoughts from me too. I hope you travel safe and have a real good time. I want you to catch some fish for me while you're there. I see them on tv once in a while and wish I could go too. It's amazing how the rivers and ocean have recovered down there. If any of you guys get your port removed, I suggest you get put to sleep for it. I just had novacaine. It was numb but I could still feel the snipping and tugging and sewing. Hope I never need another one. They won't install one without anastesia so they say. It must be more involved. The Dr. said he likes installing them but LOVES removing them. Roger that. see ya later folks.

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

A real dreich day here,just back from my gyming and swimming,thought I would check in.Well I arrived at the Scottish Parliament Building on Tuesday 4.00pm,I was first of the Roy Castle delegation,our meeting was due to start at 6.00pm,but since this is the first time I have been inside this building I wanted to wander round taking pics.My camera refused to work?some kind of message came up on its screen-Blocked?,oh its so frustrating,no matter what what I tried-nothing,grrr.Architecturally its not my favourite building outside,mind you they say the Sydney Opera building was,nt well received initially,now its so iconic so maybe it will grow on me with the passing years.Edinburgh is the laughing stock of the UK with projects such as this building,initially its construction budget was set at approx £40 million- slight underestimate-final bill ? somewhere about £400 million.They are currently laying a tram line system through Princes St, its cost has grown from £70 million,its now three overdue ,they have cut some miles from the project since the construction costs now stand at would you believe £750 million.($1.025 billion)thats equal to over £37 million/mile.

Well I did wander round the inside,its just beautiful,sorry no pics to share,you will just have to come and see it for yourselves.Well after a while the RC team arrive,Prof Ray Donnelly the founder and six others,one of the group compiled the report,she is a Doctor her name is Jesme Fox,wife of the UKs Minister of Defence,Liam Fox,she presented the report to Dr Nanette Milne MSP and gave a brief outline of the reports contents and then introduced me to the Assembly members.

My speech started with me introducing myself,family status, events leading up to my diagnosis,treatments,chemo and surgery I then went on to describe my work with the Roy Castle as an advocate,a member of the Stobhill LC support group,being a member of Team Inspire,CBN and LUNGevity,describing its aims and its support for research projects in LC,as well as its social forums.When I was introduced to Nanette,she said I know you,you have spoken before at this Parliament,no, she was right, we had met before,but at Stirling Uni,when I had asked her why if Lung Cancer was killing 42,000 Brits each year,which was greater than the combined totals of breast,prostate and bowel cancer why was LC only receiving 4% of the total research budget?.I really had the drop on her,because I even remember her reply “Its not a sexy cancer”.I did include these replys to that question in my speech,but to take the heat off them,I suggested their replies were not personal opinions,but a educated guess what the general public thought would have been the reasons.

I mentioned being a member of SIGN,working on the redraft of the document called the Management of Patients with Lung Cancer.Also my trip around the USA and the web site set up for me by LUNGevity, Help Eric-Hes coming to America,my blogs and pics,as entertainment in facebook but also to raise awareness of LC.I also mentioned LUNGevity’s Breathe Deep charity walk in Lincoln Park,and sharing a “platform”with Dr Jack West and Senator Andy Hill,which can now be see in You Tube Eric Byrne-Lung Cancer Survivor.I mentioned this was my third film made the others,Eric Byrne-Stop Smoking,which is being shown in Schools in Liverpool in a campaign called fag ends,to dissuade teenagers from taking up the smoking habit.

My closing comments was the stigma that is attached to lung cancer and smoking,that discriminates against funding donations ,research monies and support for lung cancer survivors,where other cancers may also be attributed to poor life style habits,eg alcohol and diets,yet they do not suffer the same stigma.60% of those dxd with Lung Cancer now are never smokers or given up many years prior.my final remark was-Anyone with lungs can get lung cancer.

Catch up with you later,thing to do,Byee.

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Good evening, everyone!

Last week's severe head cold turned into this week's severe bronchitis. I rode to work Monday, but wheezed and hacked so much that I took the next 3 days off the bike. I missed beautiful, warm riding days Tuesday and yesterday, but it turned chilly and windy yesterday evening, and was cooler today. I'm going to get up early and see if I feel up to riding tomorrow morning.

The stories about being squeamish about eating game reminded me of my grandson's first crappie trip. After he named his first big crappie Steve, I had my doubts about how it was going to go when it came time for him to watch me clean the fish, and Rose fry them. But, he just remarked about how delicious Steve was, and kept on eating......LOL.

Here's what my tomato plants looked like this evening (note the piece of PVC being used to keep the tomato cages from tipping over from the weight). Have a great evening, all!


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