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this is the 3rd time ...4th actually for those that remember. i emailed a few times about password and never got a response. i was scarolina,dave,dave2 and now dave3. i was dx in 2007 had a upper left lob removed along with 20 some nodes. had a 12 infusions of chemo and also did a 2 year trial of tarceva. many changes in my life both physically and mentally. have almost no short term memory,bad headaches,chronic pain and still after all this time bad fatigue that kinda comes and goes. found a study done by i believe the mayo clinic that finally decided "chemo" brain is for real...and in some cases long term. basically chemo induced ADD. so i still take a slew of meds for things but i am "stable" at this point...will be 5yrs in march. another concern is i also have COPD and in a 4 month span my O2 stats were 98 then next visit was 93. will find out again next check up(2 months) and go from there. sorry to ramble just sitting here typing whatever popped into my head. wish i could find my original dave stuff..was a lot more info in there. anyway i will hush up now just wanted to check in...has been far to long and im afraid i missed many things.

Dave,Dave2 and Dave3...lol

Carole,Sandra and sadly Patti...everyone comments on it when they see it...and thinking about you 3 always makes me smile.

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Hi Dave3,

Welcome home,sorry to have missed your previous posts,I am relatively new around here.Congratulations on your survivorship,you have had it a bit rough,have'nt you?,hopefully things will improve for you from now on,mentally and physically.Please keep in touch,Best Wishes.

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