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Afternoon All! Oh dear, looks like we missed yesterday altogether and here it is afternoon already. My excuse is the upcoming holiday. Am back in gear getting ready. Made homemade applesauce today cause it keeps well in the fridge. Baked some cookies and washed up a few more "company dishes" I missed. All day in chemo tomorrow. Stan will be on the road picking up Dominick. Wednesday will be crazy!!!!

We went out to dinner with neighbors, at John's under the canopy of trees. Rain threatened but we got no more than a couple of sprinkles. It was great. I haven't done it in awhile so really enjoyed it.

Sunday evening out again! Two nights in a row are a record for me these days. Our investment club had it's meeting and since I sent Stan without me last month, I thought I should make a show this time.

Hope you are all busy getting ready for whatever form of Thanksgiving you celebrate. Except you Eric and Ron. Ron, I hope you are enjoying or have enjoyed that vaca/break you planned. And Eric, you don't need a holiday to celebrate and socialize with the life you have lol. Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good Evening Everyone?,

Anybody at home?goodness no Sunday post or Monday post to answer to?,I didn’t realise Thanksgiving had so much preparation.when is it anyway?.We celebrate our patron Saint Andrew on the 30th of Nov,tatties and neeps and a couple of amber nectars to celebrate,bit of Scottish music on TV and thats about it.

Weekend, kids birthday party,it was great fun particularly for the kids of course. I got a lot of fun pics,mind you it seems there’s growing unease with adults taking pics of kids here now,some schools have banned parents from filming occasions like the school nativity play,political correctness gone mad I think.Sunday ABC,then up to my sister Dots for a pleasant afternoon,grandkids Jack,Emma with Mum Jaqueline.

I spent the day preparing for Manchester tomorrow,as a delegate for the Roy Castle Advocate’s Conference on Wednesday,we had to indicate which focus activity we wished to attend.The one I have chosen is the proposal to start up a new magazine,they were looking for suggestions on its format and what it should contain.I have typed up several suggestions,and printed lots of copies to distribute to the group,hopefully it will provide a basis to start the discussion.I really enjoyed last years conference,its so nice to meet up with over 100 lung cancer survivors,everyone you meet is so friendly.We arrive at the hotel late afternoon to a wine reception,then down later for dinner afterwards an evening spent in the bar getting to know each other.I will get back to you all on Thursday to let you know how it all went.bye for now.

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Hello KW Judy and Eric. Everyone must be busy preparing for a huge Thanksgiving dinner. We're toning it down a bit this year and just having a quiet turkey dinner. I have really felt bad in past years when the boys have to spend their entire day, running between my house and in-law houses. So, I decided to at least make Thanksgiving pressure-free for them by telling them to just enjoy their day at one house this year. As of right now, it's fine with me if I do Christmas the same way. This is my "really down" time of the year and it's very herd for me to get all excited anymore. Funny how my mind (and body) always tell me that something is wrong even before I have looked at the calendar. The closer we get to December 15th, the more depressed I get. I just can't seem to get out of that very dark place when this date approaches. After 9 long years, one would think that this is all just something that happened a long time ago....not yesterday, as if feels.

Judy, it sounds as if you're all geared up and ready to roll! I wish I had your high spirits today. Work is very slow today, as it will be all week. That always makes the day seem to drag on.

It's good to check in and hear from the two of you. I'll try and make a point of visiting with my online family during the week!!!


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Hi Judy, Eric and Ann!

This morning was busy "working" at the church. I was given a beautiful journal and asked to write my memories of my friend who died a couple of months ago of a rare disease. She was 42. I took it home, and wrote my thoughts on her. This will eventually be given to her husband and two boys. I noticed a lot of empty spaces between ladies letters, so I pulled out my bible, and books of poetry and wrote little assurances, and poems in between the letters to encourage them. I hope to get it back and "decorate" it with more encouragement, and lace, and bows, to make it look pretty before we give it to the family.

Ann, this is a tough time of year for so many. My little sister died on December 1, in 1983, and I still get a pang on that day and remember and miss her. I think it's just normal being human. Gentle hug for you. It's nice what you are doing for the boys, so they don't feel torn between in-laws and Mom. My Mon-In-Law was that way too. So unselfish.

Eric, as always your pace is frenetic and busy. Good for you!

Judy, you sound good. I so want to go to that restaurant. It sounds so beautiful. Out two nights in a row! Party girl!

Spent the afternoon fashioning a cheesy hash brown casserole for my women's life group tomorrow. Because of the holiday, this was an off week, so we decided to get together and just eat! Yum.

R got a flat tire tonight, and for some strange reason didn't have a jack in his truck. So after dinner I'm going to have to drive him back to town to fix the tire. *sigh*

But dinner is fried chicken, the cheesy hash brown casserole, and I think creamed corn. Yum..

MI Judy

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