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It has been a long time since I have been here. Good to see a LOT of the old names (kasey, Ry, ginnyde, randyW, Muriel, etc.

). Katie and everyone has continued to do a great job.

I may be switching to a job that will allow me to contribute professionally, doing software development (bioinformatics) for clinical trial recruitment.

Hopefully I will be able to contribute more again.

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I found my old ID (jmp).

I will be using that from now on. Hopefully my signature shows up here.

In doing research for my potential new job, I came across some new sites, such as patientslikeme and trialx

These are clinical trial matching sites. My mom participated in a Phase II vaccine trial. Unfortunately, it did not work but she wanted to participate partly to further the development of new drugs

Of course everyone has personal decisions to make but learning about clinical trials is at least an option.

BTW. My dad has prostate cancer now, but is doing great. I helped him with his research. Fortunately as many of you know prostate cancer is usually not serious.


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Darn, I know you access it through the user control panel but now I can't find it. I'm sure someone not braindead will come by. I'd consider a trial but am not eligible because my malignancy is a "thickening" not a "tumor." According to MDA, the thickenings are difficult to measure precisely which is necessary in trials.

Judy in KW

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