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My turn for tests.


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Not for lung cancer, but for breast cancer,

Thursday mammo, and Friday the surgeon for the next operation,

he already operated me 8 times on the same breast, I call it

cut and tuck and only once cancer was present (5 days in hospital 1999).

I refused all treatments and medication and I'm still here.

It will be the first time I go alone, Mike always came with me, even on

September 24th last year, 3 weeks before he died.

So now I will have to face these appointments alone.


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My thoughts and prayers are with you. Please know that you are not alone. Your Mike will be there with you in spirit and love. Try and keep positive vibes going! It really does help make things a little brighter! I know prayers will be rolling in from everyone on this board! God Bless!

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JC my heart goes out to you. I think I know a little of what you are feeling. My husband Dave used to go to all my appointments with me, but lately because of his illness, I have been going alone .The other day I was sitting waiting to have a mamogram and I suddenly burst into tears! I felt such a fool but I felt so alone suddenly. I wish I lived near you, I would come and hold your hand. Know that my prayers are with you and I wish you well,


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Thank you for the good wishes.

It is because I'll be alone that I feel funny about my next appointments,

I know Mike will be with me, I have a wee silver urn on a chain

with some of his ashes, so he is with me always, body and mind.

It is mostly making a fool of myself (as usual) like the first time

I had the nerve to eat alone in one of our favorite restaurant,

after Mike died, and I left without paying, just remember when I got

to the car and turned back to pay and excused myself.

The list of foolish things I do, keep getting longer everyday, but now

I am able to laugh about it, but only afterward.

Thank you.


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J.C., I am a 1-yr. breast cancer survivor. Believe me I know how you feel. I had a mastectomy in Dec., 02 and started reconstruction with a tissue expander implanted during my surgery. After going in for the requisite number of fills and being just about ready for the exchange surgey to have the implant placed, Doug was diagnosed with SCLC. All went on hold while we dealt with his illness. Yesterday, I finally went back to the plastic surgeon to see about moving on with my reconstruction, only to completely fall apart in his office. He was very kind and comforting, but I think it really scared him a little bit that perhaps I am not emotionally stable enough to proceed. Anyway, he has suggested that I give it another month and then we will schedule my surgery. I hope I will be able to control my emotions enough to convince him I am stable enough to do it then. I would really like to get this over with.

Best of luck to you. I will be praying for you and know that you are not alone in this. We all must do our best to take it a day at a time, sometimes a minute at a time. Take a deep breath, relax, now---go for it!! God be with you.


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JC, Paddy and Flabet,

You are all in my prayers. As God walks with you and watches over all of you, he is holding your hand. You are very strong and courageous women and I admire all three of you. May God keep you healthy and watch over and guide you as you walk through life. God Bless all of you...

Warm and gentle hugs,


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