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Wednesday's Air.

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Very mild but overcast today,I had a bit of a lie in this morning,missed the gyming and swimming,feeling a bit lazy today,spending my time online instead.

At last, after two years,I finally got to the respitory clinic yesterday morning.I got introduced to a new Doctor,very pleasent young girl,looks just out primary school never mind med school.Anyway she does give me a thorough physical seems I am OK,then brings up my new X-ray on her monitor,absolutely clear is her verdict.Hooray,next appointment- 4th June.

Next stop Cumbernauld,Irene has a days holiday from work and wants me to take her Christmas shopping.We had a really good afternoon to-gether,I had so much fun in the toy stores trying out all games available ie remote control helicopters and cars.Well, we did have a success shop,something for everyone as they say.All that walking about certainly stirs the appetite dos'nt it?so its off to the restaurant-an Italian/American one, Frankie's and Bennie's I think it was called?great food, I ordered steak and chips(fries sorry)served with a fried egg on top of the steak and garlic butter,sweet, cherry crumble and ice cream,there goes the diet again,OK I will restart after Christmas.

Well just off now to pick up my Max Hastings book on the D-day landings,its a great read,I should really be clearing out the garage to create the space I need to put away the garden furniture for the winter,but what the heck,theres always tomorrow.Bye.

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Morning All! except Eric, afternoon to you lol. It is a glorious day today. I showered and dressed and made up my face a little very early for me. I went outside for the paper and ended up putting a new suet cake in the feeder and washing my favorite ladder to bring in for the tree decorating.

I had a friend due to visit who I expected might be a no show--she will this morning anyway, I just talked to her. I've learned how to live without such disappointments though. I planned to go to town if she didn't come by. I do need to get to the post office to make some returns from my recent shopping sprees. And Judy got me going with the grazing. I will stop at Publix's and definitely get some California rolls. Again, allergic to soy but what the heck.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 30 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 60. I took the long way home Monday and yesterday, getting 10 extra miles each day, and I'll do it again today. Even with those extra miles, my November mileage is down, and I'll need to ride 500 miles in December to make my goal for the year. That could be challenging if the weather doesn't cooperate. But I'm still at my target summer weight, so the lack of miles hasn't hurt me too much yet, I guess.

I had a great dinner yesterday. The shrimp and corn on the cob came from the freezer, but the sliced tomatoes were from my garden. The fresh broccoli was from my garden. The bowl of snap peas was from a friend's garden, and the onions, garlic, and green peppers used to flavor the peas were all from my garden.

I'm really enjoying that garden. But the last three mornings of below freezing temperatures will put a quick end to the tomatoes and peppers. It's time to get some more winter vegetables planted.

Have a great day, all!

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Hi everyone!

I'm loving these last few days posts with all the talk about food! LOL! Eric, " I ordered steak and chips(fries sorry)served with a fried egg on top of the steak and garlic butter,sweet, cherry crumble and ice cream". Seriously???? That sounds so insanely good I can't stand it! LOL!

Bud, we loved our summer veggies that we got from the Farmer's stand just down the road. Sadly those days are gone now, and we're dependent on food being shipped to us from warmer climes. It's never as good as the fresh, and I think nutrient wise, not as healthy either.

Judy, all I can say is every day I read about activities and you happily doing things just makes me grin. You have been through a lot, and it delights me when what you are going through is good stuff. Yeah for you!

I woke up this morning with the thought of seeing my Oncologist, and a butterfly fluttered in my tummy. How did she get in there anyway? I closed my eyes, and told myself that we only have one day to live and it is today. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow does not exist for we never get to tomorrow do we? We are always in today. So I'm going to stay as present as I can and not inflict fear or negativity into this precious day.

It's very cold, but the sun is fiercely shining. I love that.

MI Judy

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It's foggy and gray here today - supposed to be around 50, but it will stay in the 40s unless the sun shows up. Starting tomorrow the air quality is supposed to get bad for anyone with lung or breathing issues. This is a small valley, and when a high pressure system moves in it traps the air and unfortunately, between the lumber mills and all of the people who still burn fireplaces and wood stoves (even when they aren't supposed to), not to mention all the cars, the air can get really really bad and can hang around for days. I love where I live, except from Nov. through Jan/Feb.

All of this talk of food has made me really hungry. Isn't it interesting how quickly our bodies can get used to all that good but not so healthy food. Started with Chinese food on Wed. night and then of course all the Thanksgiving goodies Thurs. and Fri. Mexican on Sat. - that was disappointing though as the Margueritas and chips were awful. What kind of a Mexican restaurant doesn't have good Margueritas and chips!! Have been trying to get back to normal since then, but now my stomach seems to think it is being seriously deprived :(

JudyMI - am keeping good thoughts and fingers crossed for an uneventful appt. with your Oncologist today.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!

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Hi you guys, An egg on top of a steak? Ok, that's a new one. I had a crabcake on top of a steak a few times. Maybe I'll give it a try. Looks like leftovers for us tonite. Boneless chicken thighs over rice and a bag of roasted veggies in a pan cooked down in broth? It's easy and really good. Ok, I'm hitting the kitchen now. I'm thinking about you and your appt., Judy, hope all goes well.

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Sorry Eric - you kind of lost me at soft and runny :)

When I was 3 weeks overdue with my 3rd son and desperate to get things moving, a friend told me about this hamburger joint in Portland that was famous for its hamburger that had all kinds of things on it, including a fried egg. As I remember, it was delicious. Must have work too as my son finally arrived the next morning. But soft and runny -- I just don't know.

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