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Thursday's Air


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Morning All! Imagine my surprise when I came onsite and my post from last night wasn't here. I'd started it, lost it, then thought I'd finally posted it. Stuff happens lol.

First of all Bud, I'd come across a picture of your tomatoes when I was reading Mon or Tue and wondered how long you'd be lucky enough to keep eating them. How great is eating fresh veggies in to late Nov. I heard on the news though that you're still experiencing droughts. So sorry. You know you could pick a significant birthday to rachet down the number of miles you continue to expect of yourself each year. I'm struggling with giving up on my Total Gym after more than 7 yrs. I start but can't keep it going. I'm using my energy in positive ways so....

I wore my old/new robe this morning. A small group of us do a clothing swap every year at the beginning of our pj weekend. After a cold winter last year, I was estatic to get a blue/green watch plaid step-in to the floor (for me anyway) robe with a stand-up collar. At 64 degrees this morning was the morning. It's only supposed to get to 73 and not out of the seventies til Sunday. It's nice Ann, I admit it. As long as it doesn't dip much further lol.

I fell into bed and was out like a light. I spent my whole big wad of energy yesterday, more fun than work so good. But I'm planning a laid back day today with just a few chores and starting to trim the tree. My friend never made it yesterday but I went to town and got more pointsettas and chatted with acquaintences at Marc House plant store. I got my much wanted CA rolls at Publix and visited a woman down the canal who lost her husband last summer. All in all a great day.

Have a great one today folks. I will.

Judy in KW

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Lovely mild day today,I missed the gym again,I had to wait on a repairman to visit,our washing machine has recently only been able to run on one prog,and was not spinning properly,Sally was indisposed,so I had to dispatch her upstairs before the guy arrived.Typically the guy arrives and is here for only a few minutes and tells me it needs a new control pack,which he will have to order ,blah,blah,well at least we can still operate on the one prog.

Utilities-Electricity and Gas,I have noticed my direct debits for these have been increasing considerably over the last couple of years,my electricity is provided by Scottish Power and gas by British Gas,strangely since, these companies were once government owned and then sold off to the public sector,you can now get your gas from the electricity company and vice versa,now if you have both services from the same company you get a discount,the big problem is there are now so many competing suppliers with different tarrifs,you need a degree in economics to work out who is the best suppier.My gas costs £96/month($150) and electicity £52($78),so I am going to shop around for a better deal.How does my utility bills compare with the USA?

Bowling tonight,my first game for a while,I missed last Tuesday's due to being in Manchester and also Thursday,I was attending a reunion evening at Anniesland College for all those staff that have retired over the years.

Well that's all my gossip,just about dinner time,I may drop by later after the bowls.Bye for now.

Oh,re-soft and runny eggs,think you call them-over easy?.

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I need to stay offline for awhile. I found my Wednesday night Air posted on "Centers of Excellence..." Then I started this post and lost it again. Hope it's not somewhere it doesn't belong.

Anyway, Eric, I knew what kind of eggs of which you spoke, my favorite fried egg. I asked (last night) if eating them with left-over steak, on the side not on top, counts. I've done that a number of times.

We use electric for everything but cooking and outside grilling. We fill our tanks a couple of times a year but I really can't remember how much. Our electric bill, living in the tropics, varies widely--from over $300 a month to Just under $200 a month, depending on AC usage. Anybody remember, thanks to a BAD decision by Stan, I have no central heat lol.

I'm lazy today so am going to go veg in front of the TV.

Judy in KW

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Eric, unlike many who are on "city" utilities, my gas comes from a large propane tank ("pig") in the yard. Filling the whole thing is about $1K and lasts about a whole season. We use propane for heat and for cooking (gas stove). Our electric bill is roughly $125/month. We have central air in the summer and an electric heater we run in our bathroom that is at the end of the heating ducts and beyond frozen during the winter.

Bad thing about using a tank is that the fuel has to be paid for on delivery, where the mainline can be "fudged" by paying partial bills or late payments when the paycheck doesn't quite cover the full amount. The least amount I can add to the tank is $500.

Starting to seriously think about moving out of state with the rough economy and costs associated with hot/humid summers and rough winters.

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Hi All,

Well I'm jumping in on the cost of utilities because mine are ginormous. Like Becky, we have a giant LP gas tank in the woods. Unfortunately we use about 4000 gallons in the winter. The cost is insane. But we have a 4500 sq foot home. We don't heat the lower level unless we have company, but we have tons of windows so a lot of heat loss.

We are getting a Geo-thermal furnace soon. The initial investment is a little heavy, but we're getting a 30% energy efficient rebate from Uncle Sam to off set the costs. And the return on investment is 3 years, and the energy fuel savings is going to be enormous.

Our electric gets as high as 300.00 a month in the summer, and then goes down to around 100.00 or less in the winter.

As for egs? Over Medium please. When I see any thing that looks snotty, I loose my appetite. LOL. We do enjoy steak and eggs here for breakfast like KW Judy described.

Well, I'm at Gilda's. I really debated coming here today. We will be mourning our friend who just died, and it can be a bit much. But I've been lifted up by some very cool stories today that make me glad I came.

Judy in sunny MI

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Hi you guys, I always get a smile from this group. KW complaining about cold? You're in the tropics for cryin out loud. Just kidding, I guess a low temp for the day of 64 is a bit much. I only set my t-stat a few degrees more than that. Then you did live in Kutztown, so you get a pass. We put in a heat pump, so now our oil furnace is the backup. It saves us alot of money, the electric is a budget plan.,so it works out better. Eric, by our prices, you're in good shape. (I have had double eggs chips and beans). I had to laugh at the snotty egg thing Judy. I like mine just a tad past snotty. I've had steak and eggs too.(on the side,not on top) I haven't had steak in quite a while either. Tonight, pigs in blanket. Yummm.

I wonder if ajr found a hospital from the smorgasbord we offered up. Maybe he got confused by the change of subject last night. I hope we hear from him. Are we too nuts to be considered a reliable source? I think not, who knows. bye now

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I don't remember Eric saying anything about "snotty eggs." It was something and runny. Can never remember two words together lol.

O.k. Mr Alan Smartypants, I was the one who inadvertently changed the topic on ajr lol. If he wasn't already overwhelmed by the humongous list we gave him....

Got to admit to someone and better you guys than Stan. I very carefully shifted/lifted the XMas trimmings boxes from the top shelf in my utilility room onto the sink, dryer and washer. Knew it wasn't a good thing so later when I heard my neighbor outside, I asked him to come carry them into the living area and get down the last one I knew better than to try. I had reached my limit. My friend who was supposed to come over yesterday then today, didn't. But I did tell her I wasn't putting a timeline on it. I lied. I'll be out for lunch and shopping at Pier 1 tomorrow with another friend (she has more physical limitations than I)and really want to be able to work on the tree on Saturday and Sunday. Time is ticking away til the 10th when I need to be done for family visiting from NJ. I am so excited. My sister/cousin and one of the two daughters who are coming have never been here so it will be great for them to see how the errant sister lives.

Got to go. Am going to chill for the night. Tell you tomorrow about downloading a trial of Adobe Elements. Can't wait to hear about Stephanie's trip. Glad I'm not going out til after 11 am.

Judy in KW

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We have a total electric house and if you average our bills for the past 12 months it is $150 a month but our house is only 1700 sf. When we lived in New Jersey in a 3000 + sf house our bills were way higher. One reason we moved south and to a smaller house when we retired.

As for eggs - scrambled well done and then cook a little longer - lol.


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