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Our 'Geri'

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It is with a heart heavier than I could ever imagine that I share with you that Geri passed away Tuesday evening. The hurt for me is about unbearable. We became cyber friends over 6 years ago and in person friends soon thereafter. She even came here to visit and we had more fun than any 2 cancer people should be allowed to have.

Geri endured more than any one person should have to. Her infectious optimism made me think she could do anything. And she did for quite some time. First - lung cancer. Then breast cancer. Then damage to the heart caused by the brest cancer treatment. Then further damage to the good portion of her heart. I can never ever get the correct name for it - but that heart thing that Cheyney has - she had too.

She again was instrumental in a very succesful Boston Walk. And she has left us on her own terms - as Geri did everything.

Donations for LUNGevity, of course. Oh how I will miss my friend and our lengthy conversations. Her English accent always made the bad words sound almost acceptable!!!!


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I'll keep you updated as a tribute fund will be created in her name.

I'm so thankful to have met her and become friends with her right up until recently when she was sending me ideas for Hope Summit......oh I'm going to miss her as is so many she touched over her years here.

Bless you for blessing us, Geri

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Yes, Katie, the Hope Summit. She and I talked about hopefully being able to attend next time. This year was bad timing due to our personal loss here and for Geri, well, she needed some time to recoup from her latest bout.

Speaking of our loss this year of our son in law ~ Geri was the best friend - so supportive. Also the same with my niece, Tracy. With all Geri had going on, there was no shortage of caring and support for me in my need and loss. I know a lot of that showed through in her posts, but you just had to really KNOW her to understand how truly remarkable a person she was.



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It's ok for me to share these updates with you now for anyone interested...


Hello everyone,

Richard and I have had some discussions with the doctors from the heart failure team about my prognosis. Not too good I'm afraid, there are no options left in their bag of tricks and at some point all the diuretics that I take will stop working and fluid retention will become a real issue. At this time my kidneys are functional, albeit at a reduced rate.

The doctor originally told him not weeks but maybe months or even longer - she did say that I was more dead than alive when I was hospitalized in April with a virus that ended up messing up the right side of my heart. The medication that I have continually pumped in through a pic-line in my arm has not given the hoped for benefit of allowing the right heart to rest and regenerate as much as is possible now.

So that's it in a Readers Digest version, all this is of course just educated guesses on the doctors part, I've cheated the grim reaper three times now so maybe I'll get to do it again. I have another reason for staying alive.........my second grandson is expected in November and our lung cancer walk is November 5th. Small lights at the end of this crappy tunnel I call my life!

I'm sorry to have brought this news to you by email, this seemed the quickest way to tell the people in my life that are scattered so far away. This summer, in between visitors, we hope to do a little travelling, either in our fifth wheel or stay in a condo.

I'm doing okay at this time, I tire easily but in between naps I'm just fine (or at least as fine as one can expect under the circumstances!!) so don't worry about me.

with my love to you all



(Right before the Boston walk a few weeks ago)

Good Morning Katie,

Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers. I just had another hospital stay, low blood counts pointed to internal bleeding but after a transfusion and numerous tests nothing could be found so this is a keep your fingers crossed situation. Other than that I'm doing okay, waiting for the walk and hoping we get plenty of walkers.

Anyway Katie, it's time I got my meds sorted and taken.

so please keep the prayers coming.



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my thoughts and prayers and condolences to family and ALL of Geri's Friends. I think it hurt s because Geri reminded me of Deb in some ways. She seemed to have the attitude that even though I have cancer I am busy with my life and doing things. Always a positive spirit and a kind word no matter what!!

She will be missed and I will be outside in the cold with Jacket and beer for a talk I think..

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I am so sad to read this update on Geri. I like many of you enjoyed her always upbeat posts.

Sweet Kacey, you have been through so much and so many losses, I am sorry that you have lost your friend Geri as well.

It is obvious from your kind words that you really cared for her. :(

Sincere sympathy to Geri's family and friends.


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Even though I read this earlier in the day, I am struck by this loss tonight.

I am sad for the fact that her friends hurt tonight.

I am sad that she leaves behind a family who, based on her update from Katie, could probably enjoy her and use her around right now.

I am sad that she couldn't kick the reeper in the balls just one more time and keep going.


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I am just stunned to read the news about Geri,I never appreciated how how bad her health was in recent months,despite her sharing her health problems here on occassion,her descriptions were always so upbeat,that I thought light of them.

What a sad end to 2011,the loss of another irreplaceable friend of LCSC.Goodnight Geri,RIP.

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(((Kasey))), I am so saddened by this news. Geri was such a special lady. I loved to read her posts. She had such a wonderful sense of humor and such a wonderfully positive attitude. I never met her in person, but she sure touched my heart cyberly. My heartfelt condolences to all of her friends and family. She will truly be missed here at lcsc.


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